lk2g-008 Felting aka The Science Experiment, Pt. 2

Join us as we continue the experiment of felting the bag from our previous episode.

Book Review:

What’s on the set:

  • See episode 7 for details of what’s on the set and what I am wearing

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13 Responses to “lk2g-008 Felting aka The Science Experiment, Pt. 2”

  1. 1 Lene

    Thank you again for a good show! I might need to try felting too… And definitely I’d leave the patch out, but the bag is great whatever you decide.

  2. 2 C4G

    Seems the windows media player version has no video, only audio. I hate quicktime and prefer the WMV format (less skipping and pausing).

  3. 3 C4G

    Wow, that was really enlightening! I’ve never tried to felt anything that large before, but it looks rewarding! Will have to ask one of my knitting friends if they can felt items for me after I have them all knitted up. Great show! I’m off to join the yahoo group!

  4. 4 cpurl17

    I just found your video podcast tonight and just watched the 2 felting episodes. I’m enjoying the show and will go back and watch the other episodes!

  5. 5 Katie

    great felting eps! i like the pocket but on the inside, great for metro card or gum!
    an idea for a show is purling. and a project that incorparates both knit and purl, maybe a hat. its getting cold here on the east coast!!

    off to try felting!


  6. 6 Jen

    Loved the shows!
    Can’t wait to see more. I keep coming back to the site hoping.
    The felted bag is fine without the pocket. It looks more refined and balanced with just the button closure. You should find a friend who loves to sew to do your linings for you. They’re quick (I’m a sewer, and find knitting harder!) Where are those friends?! :>)
    Keep up the good work, and thanks so much for the shows you’ve already put together.
    Flute teacher Jen

  7. 7 claire

    Hi Cat, I am enjoying all your videocasts very much. I have been doing quite a bit of felting myself in the last year, kitty pi beds, felted bowls, catnip mice, bags. I just finished a laptop bag from a pattern by Chris Bylsma called Making Waves, in Big Kureyon. I have a front load washer, so I generally start the items in pillowcases with old tennis shoes, and sometimes finish up in a 5 gallon bucket with really hot water and a big toilet plunger (reserved for felting ONLY!). Small items like mice I do by hand. All yarns seem to have different felting characteristics. A swatch is a great idea, if finished size is critical.
    I like your bag, it looks great. Maybe put the pocket on the inside?

  8. 8 Nadine

    Dear Cat,
    thank you for another great show- I love them! I have yet to try felting because the washing machines over here are all front loading and I could not stop them in between to check on items- but I love your bag. What a difference it made- having the video was awesome- it was so big at first and I loved following the steps in the felting experiment. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
    Nadine in Germany

  9. 9 Christie

    Hi Cat,
    I am a big fan of your show. You are the Bob Ross of knitting. I would put the little pocket inside the bag for keys, maybe even put a clip inside so the keys are handy but secure. I just watched your two felting episodes again and I am trying my first felting on the stove. If it works out alright I will email you pictures for the show and tell segment! By the way I think that’s a great idea. Thanks for the show!

  10. 10 maddie

    my name is maddie and I am 13, I have been knitting for a while and just LOVE your podcast!!and i love the bag you used fo rthe felting!! do you have the pattern!!??!! I just love it!! I saw it before you felted it and was kinda like…eh, I dont know but after you felted it I really liked it and I was wandering if you could send me the pattern to the email address I have listed above!! thanks so much!!!! I love the podcast!!!!

  11. 11 Pattie

    Hi, Cat, I just found your video podcasts. Great – thank you!!

    I was particularly interested in your felting episodes, as I’m currently working on three pairs of felted clogs – my first felting effort.

    Your video mentioned that more information on felting in a top loading washer was available on your website, but I can’t find it. Could you help me out?

    Thanks so much,


  12. 12 CraftyGryphon

    Years and years after you first posted this podcast, I’m running back to it for my first-ever felting project.

    “Okay, you have a huge bag,” says my husband. “Now what?”
    “Cat will tell me,” I said, and hit “felting” in the cloud-tag on the archive page.

    Yay, Cat & Eric!

  13. 13 CraftyGryphon

    … and here’s my bag – it turned out great!

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