lk2g-010 CATs Holiday Gifting

In this episode we walk through all the gifts which I knitted for this past holiday. In the past, I used to put these on my blog, this year, we’re presenting them on Video!

In the Show:

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  1. 1 Susie

    What a wonderfully sweet and terrific video.
    CAT I loved seeing your family, your beautiful loving gifts
    and especially your heart felt gift to Eric. :)
    This truly was a wonderful video.
    Thanks and I plan to check out your store,
    Susie in northern NY

  2. 2 Christie

    Wow your family reminds me so much of my inlaws! I solve the boyfriend/husband “hating my knitting” problem by knitting him lots of things, then if he doesn’t like one it doesn’t bother either of us so much, and I can feel free to give it to somebody else. I think out of 5 hats and a neck warmer we have kept 2 hats. Thanks to CAT, Eric and Family!

  3. 3 ginger_nut

    Hi Cat and Eric,

    Just wanted to say I was really touched by your latest show. The previous episodes were all very technical and straightfoward, but this one was incredibly personal – Cat, I think I may have gotten a tear in my eye when you gave your gift to Eric.

    I love the format of the previous shows, but this one was perfect to begin with after the holidays.

    Looking forward to the episode on beading – that purse was amazing.


    PS – Pierre says you are welcome to stop by our blog “woof” :)

  4. 4 Daniele

    Hi Cat and Eric !
    On a grey and rainy day in a Paris suburb, what could be more comforting and moving than your Christmas video ! Thanks so much , you made my day . And I love to see all the nice gifts you made Cat.

  5. 5 Jocelyn

    That was lovely. You must have been busy! I’m really looking forward to the video on beading. I haven’t tried that yet but would really like to. Next time you make a pair of Fetching mitts, maybe you can video the releasing of the stitches on the waste yarn and the thumb-making process? I had a lot of holes that I had to sew up!

  6. 6 Arleta

    That was great! Your family loves you and your knitting! How wonderful.

  7. 7 Mary T.

    Thank you and your family for being so open with us. I loved each of your gifts and really look forward to all your upcoming episodes. This is such a fun way to expand my “needlework friends” and to have a group that I can check in with periodically.

  8. 8 Marceline

    I truly wish we could all get that kind of reception for our handknits! What a blessing that your hardwork is appreciated. And I nearly teared up when you did!! Eric’s hat fits him perfectly :) Looking forward to more wonderful episodes this year!

  9. 9 Barbara G. from New City

    I am from the New City Knitting group… great site… just needed my daughter to show me how to find it.
    I am still working on the green sweater!
    Good luck with the site.

  10. 10 midgeling

    I loved seeing all your gifts given to your family. They were all so beautiful! And it is nice to know that I am not the only one seaming and finishing up at the last minute, lol.

  11. 11 Nina

    Hi Cat,

    I actually DID cry when you gave Eric his hat. I felt your trepidation. You did some lovely work for this holiday season. I really liked Natalie’s jacket and the purse. Happy New Year to you and Eric and thanks again for your podcast.

  12. 12 Lori

    Cat, I loved this very touching video podcast. It was great to see the great comments from your family on their knitted gifts and especially your gift for Eric. I’ve only knit a hat for my hubby too this far — that’s all I dare for now.

    Thanks for putting together this great video podcast. It’s always informative and entertaining.

  13. 13 Kimberly

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your site!! You do a great job! Thanks! Greetings from across the pond!

  14. 14 Carola

    Hello Cat, greetings from the South of England, I have just discovered your excellent podcast and I am hooked! I watched this episode and enjoyed seeing all your lovely knitted gifts being opened by your family at Christmas. Then I watched the first episode. I already had started to use two circulars for knitting one sock, but since seeing your demonstration I can see how easy it will be to knit two socks on two circs and I am going to try that for my very next sock.

    I have subscribed to your show and was intending to save them all to watch on a very long flight I am taking for a trip in a few weeks, but I can’t stop watching them. Never mind, I think I’ll be happy to watch them more than once!

  15. 15 kayt

    hello Cat and Eric! i have to say this is the first episode I have watched and I really enjoyed it. I honestly teared up when you gave eric his prezzie. I am scared to death to give my husband anything I have knitted.

    I do have to ask where your family is from though. Sounds like home to me, in their voices. At least our summer home in the UP of michigan.


  16. 16 Charlene "Tink" maxwell

    This is my favorite video. I felt like I was at your in-laws home for Christmas. I don’t get to spend Christmas with my family and it warmed my heart.

    Nothing can measure up to “home-made” gifts from the heart. I’ve been making gifts for family and friends for years and it makes everyone feel special, even if it’s not something they like! It’s truly the gift of your time and efforts and love that went into the making that counts.

    You and Eric are an inspiration and I appreciate your making these videos. My husband had a liver transplant last year and we’re still reeling from the expenses associated with that. When we do catch up, your site is on my list of people to donate to.

    Many thanks,

  17. 17 Julie

    I have recently discovered your video podcast and I LOVE it! I think this one will be one of my favourites. I really enjoy how you have captured the magic of Christmas on video to share with all of us. Thank you so much! Your work is beautiful and I truly adore that beaded purse you made for your mother-in-law!

  18. 18 Erica Reynoso Montalvo

    I know just how CAT felt about knitting for Eric. I haven’t yet worked up the courage to knit something for my DH. I’m not sure I could handle him not liking a knitted gift I made for him. I don’t cook much ever since he made an “honest” comment, and I like knitting too much to go thru that. Maybe one day…maybe not. 😛

  19. 19 Bob

    I hate your vids

  1. 1 The one that got away at Eric
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