lk2g-019 The Perfect Double Play

In this episode we take a field trip to Shea Stadium in Queens, NY to join in For Stitch-n-Pitch for the Mets/Braves game on August 8th, 2007.

We met with Knitting celebrities and there were over 800 knitter/crocheters at the event!

We met with

From the bleechers we talked with Carrie ,Colleen SubwayKnitter,Karin Strom (Editor in Chief, Yarn Market News), Monica Teng, Christina Batch (Editor in Chief, Adorn Magazine), George Lee, Joyce Rifkin, Rebecca McDonald, Jason Conklin and his Dr. Who Scarf, Heather Lee Byrne, Amanda Keiser, Meagan and Matthew Gaffney.

What am I wearing?:

  • Felted bag which was created in our two part episode Felting a Science Experiment Part 1 and Part 2

Special Thanks to Barbara Paley and Libby Butler-Glick from TNNA and Valerie Tovar from the Mets for their assistance and support!

9 Responses to “lk2g-019 The Perfect Double Play”

  1. 1 KSee

    what a great episode. The photography and sound are the best yet. What a fun day. Thank you for doing this. Although I have to admit that I am a Yankees fan. LOL

  2. 2 Trish in MD

    Wow, CAT, this one really was the best yet. I’m surprised you were able to sneak in so many clips of the actual game. I guess you’re lucky, being there in NY, it was like a who’s who of the knitting world. I haven’t made it to our local stitch and pitch yet but now I want to next year.

    How fun!!


    Trish in MD

  3. 3 Maureen

    Another great podcast. I would have loved to have gone to the one at the Washington Nationals but I didn’t hear about until too late. I enjoyed all the interviews and seeing what people were knitting. Thanks for opening my eyes to all sorts of public knitting events.

  4. 4 kala

    Great episode, I love your podcast! This one actually made me want to go to a Stitch and Pitch next year and I hate baseball!

  5. 5 gilraen

    Cat that was a great show!!! We don’t have Baseball here but seeing this I wish we did, I’d love to Stitch and Pitch………….:D

    Thank you

    ps My favourite knitter was Matthew! :)

  6. 6 nimble2

    How’s that go again
    pearl one, knit two?

  7. 7 chelle

    hi cat, ive been watching your episodes and saw your interview with debbie stroller and lily chin. im really inspired by the little baseball showen during the interview and id like to find a pattern for it. would you be able to help point me in the right direction to find it? i have searched on google but only find links for patters of baseball hats mostly. thank you for your tips and fieldtrips and keep knitting!

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