lk2g-023 Rhinebeck 2007 Chapter Two

In this latest installment of our epic at 2007 NYS Sheep & Wool we take you to the after-parties from Saturday night after the festival closed for the night.We visited with Margrit Lohrer from Morehouse Merino at her store Sheep’s Clothing.After that we visited the Ravelry Rhinebeck party at Riccardi’s Hideaway in Kingston.

What I am wearing:

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5 Responses to “lk2g-023 Rhinebeck 2007 Chapter Two”

  1. 1 Dez

    i have been watching your podcasts and i love them, and love you guys! i have been dieing to do lace knitting since you showed how simple it can be with charts. and since your Rhinebeck videos, me and a girlfriend (who started knitting about 2 months ago) have started plans to go this year. so excited!!

    thank you so much
    you guys rock!


  2. 2 Romelle

    I found your website about 2 days ago. I really love your easy way of teaching and everything you show about knitting and fiber arts. Your videos are done so well. I just wish there was something out there like this for us crocheters. I can do easy knitted things, but crochet is my first love. I can very much identify how knitters feel isotated and love finding each other. Crocheters are even much more isolated I feel. Its like we are the unwanted step children of the fiber arts. If you do crochet, could you do some crocheting things too? Just wondering. Anyways, keep up the great work. I will be eagerly awaiting your next episodes. Romelle

  3. 3 jewls

    Hello, Cat and Eric! I recently discovered your show via Windows Media (TVTonic).

    I’m hooked. You’re very well produced. I feel as though I’m watching an HGTV show on a lazy Sunday morning.

    Thank you for all of the great information, especially the close-up, visual, instruction for some of the harder tasks.

    As I watch more episodes, I hope to be able to let you know what my biggest concerns are. Currently, I’m hooked on sock knitting but refuse to work in the round. After all, I just spent a bundle on sock needles in varying sizes! haha

    More later…


  4. 4 Peggy

    Are you on ravelry? If so, what name do you use? I would love to see pictures and more detailed descriptions of your projects.

  5. 5 CAT
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