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All new flash viewer for multi-platform support!This is a new type of episode for us, more of a vlog really. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.
In this episode we talk about a field trip to see Linda Cortright editor of WildFibers Magazine. We also met with Guido from ItsAPurlman podcast live. You’ll also see CATs latest project.

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17 Responses to “lk2g-024 CATs Corner”

  1. 1 KSee

    Hey this was a great idea. Looking forward to the next Cat’s Corner

  2. 2 Romelle

    I loved your Cat’s Corner episode, as I have fallen in love with all the videos you and your husband have done. I have been spreading the word about your podcast to all fiber friends and crafting friends in general. I also really appreciated you responding to my coment on the last episode. ( I am the one that asked if there would be crochet episodes in the future.) I am looking at knitting as becoming more a part of my life. Your teaching and enthusiasm makes knitting less daunting to me. Keep up the great work. Romelle.

  3. 3 Gertjan

    Great episode, I’m looking forward to the “stash” episode and also to the next episodes of the Cat corner.


  4. 4 elizaduckie

    The stash ‘bit’, pasted right after the credits [for those who missed it] was very funny…sad AND true! Me too! Went over to read the blog but have to say I was confused and a bit annoyed by the constant request to sign up at Xanga. With no obvious privacy info., and no need to sign up for something I don’t want to use, I wasn’t about to do that.I’m not all that computer savvy so I don’t know if I could have left a comment there without signing up or not, I tried and it didn;t seem like it. Just thought I’d mention it.

    Otherwise I love the new and perhaps -please, please,- more frequent Cat’s Corner? Although I’m loving Rhinebeck I miss the other stuff too. I constantly want more

    Have to tell you that my almost three yr old granddaughter absolutely adores the bunny plucking and all the sheep scenes [especially the sheep sheering] from Rhinebeck [as well as Maryland Sheep and Wool], we watch those over and over again. She has a LOT to say about them, not all of which I understand. So much fun to watch her delight. It is also a joy to be able to share weaving, spinning and other things that she hasn’t seen yet elsewhere else.

  5. 5 CAT

    For commenting on my Blog on Xanga, it is not required to register, you can leave a comment as “anonymous” and your email address will be private.

  6. 6 britt

    I love your show, as a beginning knitter finding something like this online that helps me out!! i look forward to the next episode already

  7. 7 Christiane

    oh I love Cat’s corner(the stash scene in the end looks very familiar to me) hoping for more!
    how about some reviews on summery yarns and what they are best for and perhaps the don’t’s also.
    Have a fun time knitting and podcasting!

  8. 8 Barb Fessler

    I enjoy your podcasts and can’t wait until to see the next one. Cat’s Corner’s a wonderful idea.

  9. 9 Sally Smith

    :( For some reason I can’t view the video…can you help?
    I get the audio just fine.


  10. 10 CAT

    You should ensure that you have the latest version of the Flash player installed on your machine. If you need additional assistance email me at cat AT

  11. 11 Karen

    Love Cat’s Corner and all your videos. Keep them coming, please. My so-called stash consists of oddments in a bin, much of it acrylic. Pitiful! Can’t wait for your next episode, no matter which. I’ll watch knitting with wire with great interest.

  12. 12 Hapto

    Hi Cat! It was fun seeing you on the other side of Guido’s podcast! and its super to see all the neat videos you’ve created~ Really fun and informative! (and the Mr. Cat does a stellar job with the lighting and technology! Hooray!

  13. 13 Sue

    Hello Cat.
    I love your podcasts and I am looking forward to your next one.

  14. 14 Anneee


    I’ve just spent the evening watching all the episodes, and I am loving it! The sheep and wool festivals looks like so much fun! I don’t think there is something like that here in Norway.
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. 15 Natalie

    Wow…what a great video podcast. The first one I saw was the one from Stitch n Pitch last year. I just went and started downloading them all. Thanks for a great show!!

  16. 16 Julie

    I really enjoy the variety you offer in your shows. Also, it really moves me that you can share this passion with your husband. What a clever idea to combine your love for knitting with his love for technology. Your video podcast is highly addictive… Keep up the wonderful work Cat!

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