lk2g-025 Metal Arts

In this episode of our video podcast we walk you through tips on knitting with wire and demonstrate knitting a bracelet from start to finish!

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6 Responses to “lk2g-025 Metal Arts”

  1. 1 Connie

    Thanks Cat for a great tutorial video. I have been wanting to try crocheting and knitting jewelry with beads for some time and this video gave me the courage to jump in. I am posting photo’s to Ravelry and my blog now to show off my first bracelet!

  2. 2 laura

    thanks for a great video!
    do you think you will ever add a knitting pattern settion to your website?

  3. 3 Julie

    I love this idea of knitting with wire! I think I will surprise everyone by offering one of these bracelets next year for Christmas.

    Cat, your necklace is GORGEOUS!

  4. 4 Heidi Hill

    totally in love with knitting with wire!!! thanks so much Cat!! Wore my bracelet to work today and got raves all over the place :-) thanks again

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