lk2g-027 Sock Wars III

In this episode of our video podcast CAT battled Sock Wars III

The first rule of Sock Wars is to talk about Sock Wars (so here we are!)

The rules of engagement: Kill your target by knitting a pair of socks before your assassin kills you.

See more at Sock Wars on Ravelry

On the Set:


7 Responses to “lk2g-027 Sock Wars III”

  1. 1 Dora

    I just finished watching the episode and I have to say, this was the most exciting episode I’ve seen. All your other episodes at exciting too but this was just on a completely different level. I must say, the socks came out wonderful and I really envy your target.

    Best of luck with Sock Wars!

  2. 2 Diane in Portland,OR

    Your podcast is always wonderful but this was amazing! Tks for taking the extra effort and risk. You and your husband are a great team. There was just the right mix of honesty and professionalism. SOOOO much fun!

  3. 3 toni in florida

    It was so fun watching your part in the Sock Wars III. I’m a neutral country in this conflict, but I’m wishing you the best. I haven’t figured out how the “kill” factor comes into play when socks can be in transit for such different amounts of time (depending on if they cross country boundaries and get held up in customs, etc.), and you didn’t mention that the other Cat had already “killed” you, so best of luck to you. Oh and it was cool to see you using Magic Loop for your socks. I LOVE that technique for circular knitting. Fie on dpns!

  4. 4 nusato

    I hate the post office too 😀 Hooray for FedEx! Good luck with your sock “killing!”

  5. 5 Mychawd: The Knitting Samurai

    I haven’t seen many of your podcasts, but saw sock wars in the title and was curious what that’s about so I tuned in. What a great episoid! I’ll definately be tuning in again soon!

  6. 6 ginger

    a pair of socks done in a weekend??? Holy Crap!! I have to finish a pair by mid OCT and I’m scrambling …. you aMAZe me.

  7. 7 Eirika

    Hi i was wondering if you know when or if somthing like this is scethual later this year? I realy would like to play this game and i realy want to particepant in one. Sorry for my spelling my english isn’t that good

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