lk2g-029 Jayne Hat for Leo Laporte

In this episode of our video podcast, CAT talks about her quest to make a hat for Leo Laporte the host of TWIT and TWITLive.

We also demonstrate how to make a pom-pom with the pom-pom tool!

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6 Responses to “lk2g-029 Jayne Hat for Leo Laporte”

  1. 1 Guido (from Boston)

    Great show. Love the hat. Now I think I may have to send him a strangley knit hat as well. Do you know when the 24hr twit broadcasting will begin?

  2. 2 CAT

    Leo started them about a month ago. TWIT records live at 6:00 EST on Sundays, and Leo is live Tuesday-Thursdays

  3. 3 Sasu Mattila

    That is the sweetest thing ever.

    Good stuff!

  4. 4 michael

    Great job Cat!
    you’ve inspired me to make one for the Firefly fan in my life :)
    it took three yarn shops to find the right colours!
    now…which needle size did you use?

  5. 5 ginger

    Cat – what a great podcast! I have checked out several of your previous episodes including the very first … I was wondering how to do the magic loop for socks – what a great way to learn, thank you. I prefer the three needle bind off as well – but be sure to turn the sock inside out first to hide the CO, but I find the advantage to the 3NBO over the KitSt is that it is easier to undo to correct a mistake or make the sock longer, or even reknit out a hole like you showed. Also thank you for demonstrating the Swift used ‘ferris wheel’ style – what a great idea, the yarn will be less likely to catch at the joints I bet…it will certainly be less tiring on the arms when hanking for dyeing.

  6. 6 Faith Foster

    Joss Whedon is a great director, most of the science fiction series that i love are created by him.~~*

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