lk2g-033 Toe Up Sock Toes

In this episode of our video podcast, CAT demonstrates several methods for casting on for knitting socks from the toe up!  You’ll see Figure 8, Closed Toe, Invisible Provisional and Double Knitting cast-on.

We’ll be at SOAR and Rhinebeck this year so come by and say “hi”.  To psych yourself up for Rhinebeck go back and re-watch our episodes from 2006 and 2007.

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The yarn was “Farbzauber” which was created and donated by Steffi and designed and knitted by Kalinumba

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  • Various socks made with Socks that Rock, Opal, Regia and Cascade Fixation yarns.

17 Responses to “lk2g-033 Toe Up Sock Toes”

  1. 1 Sue

    Love the blooper there at the end!

    I have not successfully knit socks from the toe up but I can cast on using the magic cast on or maybe it’s called Judy’s magic cast on.

  2. 2 Jessica

    Hi cat. I’m From Costa Rica,But I live in Burbank,CA.I just wante to let you now that i love your website.You inspire mi so mush.
    Untill last year i had no hobby, but for my birthday ,mi manager gave me a gift car for michael’s.And to no make the story to long ,I fell in love of knitting.
    Since then I’ve been searching on the internet everything about it.And you came along.
    Thank you so mush for doing this website, and for been so nice and dedicated to it.
    By the way!!! I haven try knitting socks yet, but I love the video!!!!!
    ATTN: Jessica Araya

  3. 3 Michele / akasha

    I will second Sue’s toe cast on. Judy’s Magic cast on is amazing.

    Cat Bordhi does an excellent video on YouTube explaining how to do this cast on. Since learning it, I don’t use any other cast on for starting toe up socks.

  4. 4 Katy

    I’ve attempted toe up socks, but, get stuck on the heels. Anytime I’ve tried it, I’ve done the Magic Cast on. Seeing you do these cast ons makes me want to try again–but how do you do the heels?

  5. 5 CAT

    Heals are actually easier when you start with the toe, you can do a short row heel or heel flap in reverse (without having to pick up stitches)
    We’ll start a thread on the Ravelry group for toe up sock patterns to recommend.

  6. 6 Ria

    Hi, Cat! I just want to thank you so much for this episode! I’ve been tempted to try toe-up socks for a little while now, but some of the cast-ons that I found were just too fiddly for me to have much patience with, especially the figure-8 cast on! I’m going to try out some of the different ones you showed here and see if they work any better; the invisible provisional one looks like it’ll be nice and simple.

    Thanks to you, I also just got a good demonstration on how to do a cable cast-on. Thanks!

  7. 7 Helen (of troy)

    This is a nice start–but barely scratches the surface of cast on for toe up

    I also like to start teaching toe up socks with the hour glass toe..

    cast on X (1/2 desired number +1, using a simple (script letter e) cast on (a circ is a good choice of needle, but you can also use a DPN)

    Knit these stitches, (1 full row, (NOT ROUND) and then short row (just as you’d short row a heel)

    when you have about 1/3 of the stitches left (ei, if you cast on 60 about 10 stitches,) knit 1 row plain –then ‘turn the tip of the toe’ and pick up the short rows, 1 row at a time till you once again 1 fewer stitches than cast on (or 1/2 of desired number.

    now pick up another DPN (or if you prefer, a second circ) and pick up stitches (minus 1) from cast on edge. (those loose messy loops left from the simple cast on make this easy!)

    now you have 1/2 your stitches on one needle and the other half on second needle

    Now begin knitting in the round.

    it give new sock knitters a preview of a short row heel–

    (but when knitting for myself, my newest favorite cast on is the Judy’s Magic loop)

    but then, i am cast on obsessed, and know over 40 ways to cast on!

  8. 8 Ginger

    Thank you so much for all the different cast-ons for toe ups … I’ve tried the figure-8 cast on but was never happy with the gaps in the toe area, no matter what I did I would make it worse … thank you thank you for the other options.
    now if only you would do an episode on how to cast-off a toe-up sock … last year I made a pair for and exchnage and no matter how loose I did the b/o it just wouldn’t stretch right — I was literally in tears! finally someone told me how to do a sewn c/o that worked but it ‘flared’ too much for my liking … PLEASE do a show on casting off toe-ups???

  9. 9 Katy


    No picking up stitches when you do a toe up sock? That sounds like a dream since I’m not very good at picking them up. Like I said, I get stuck EVERY time on the heel. I just may give it a go again.

  10. 10 CouthyQuine

    A great episode – really informative. Thanks Cat and Eric!
    I love Judy’s Magic Cast-on – there is a video of it being demonstrated by Cat Bordhi on YouTube, that’s how I learned. Gussets and heel-flaps are much easier toe-up, too, and the best thing is you can try it on for fit as you go!
    ps I love the episodes where you demonstrate a technique – very useful, and your camera shots are nice and clear so I can easily see what’s going on.

  11. 11 Marion

    Hi Cat,

    Resently I found your videoblog and I love it. It is at my Ipod really great fun.
    I just watched your episode about toe up and when I have finnised the pair I am knitting now I will start a pair of socks toe up.
    I will link you at my blog, I live in The Netherlands but most of us do understand englisch when we read it. (although writing it is something completely different …….. )
    I am looking foreward to your next show.

    Kindest regards, Marion Berkhout.

  12. 12 Joannie Collins

    Dear Cat:

    THANK YOU! Thank you for producing this wonderful video on toe-up cast-ons.

    For some reason Magic Cast-on and I do not agree, so I’ve never attempted to make a pair of socks. I’ve knit Arans, Lopis, Fair Isle all day long, but the magic was lost on me.

    With the double knitting cast-on I am up and running! Yay! Hooray!

    Thank you so very much for producing this phobia breaking piece.

    Happy knitting!

  13. 13 Celeritas

    There is no way I was able to do a toe up sock without the double knitted cast on. Thanks so much!

  14. 14 Roz Jones


    PLEASE can you do an episode about turning a heal from toe up – it’s the only thing i get stuck on


  15. 15 Jasmin

    Hey Cat,
    i couldnt find any way of leaving you a message but…
    I’m in some need of help,
    im trying to knitt socks and i have tried many times now,
    but i always get stuck on turning the heel, i get totally confused!,
    i wonder if you could give me any good begining patterns that you could send me on,
    Many Thanks Jazz from London.
    xx :)

  16. 16 Jasmin

    I mean’t beginers!
    I agree with Roz Jones,
    Do an episode!!!
    xxx :)

  17. 17 Charlynn Gimenez

    Thanks so much for these cast on options for toe ups! I’ve already tried several of them but when I saw and tried your double cast on I fell in love! It’s soooo easy! I’ve used it several times already and I think it’s the only way I’ll start toe up socks from now on!


    P.S. Love the website and videos… thank you Cat and Eric for all the time you put into sharing your experiences and knowledge with us!

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