lk2g-051 A Lesson in Dyeing

In this episode, we return to the Hudson Valley Fiber Farm where Susan Gibbs gives us a lesson in dyeing with Kool-Aid and Country Classics dyes.

See this article on Knitty for more detail on Kool-Aid dyeing and this colorchart for more information

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Special thanks to Susan Gibbs for allowing us to shoot this great event!

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5 Responses to “lk2g-051 A Lesson in Dyeing”

  1. 1 CaroleNJ/SloKnitR

    I have 1400 yards of Columbia that I got at Rhinebeck last year – maybe now I will have the courage to dye it! Thanks for a great demo.

  2. 2 megan

    Dyeing is so fun and easy!

    I started in Koolaid, but was disappointed by the lack of colors available.

    I’ve moved on to food dyes using vinegar to set the dye.

    I also dye in the microwave (typically roving and uncombed washed wool)

    It is so much fun to see what the color will do.

  3. 3 Asia

    Dyeing always intimidated me, but it seems so quick and easy with this demo. I may just have to try my hand (or tongs) at it someday!

  4. 4 Freddie

    Fun to watch. Learned a lot. No I am a coward, I’ll leave dyeing to the exppert or brave at heart.

  5. 5 Joan

    This was so informative , I mean Koolaid who ever thought?? I have some cotton crochey thread that has kinda yellowed a little more like an off white and I had no idea what to do with it . Im going to try this and see what happens thanks,!

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