lk2g-057 Rhinebeck 2008 Spinning Contest

In this latest episode of our video series, we return to the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival to see the exciting Spinning Contest where contestants compete for the longest thread! Listen to Kris as she tells us her strategy for winning.  (Just in case you’re planning to enter the contest this year!)

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51 Responses to “lk2g-057 Rhinebeck 2008 Spinning Contest”

  1. 1 Heather N

    I think my favorite knitting event would have to be Sock Summit! I really wished I could have gone this year, but maybe next year! I was glued to my blog subscriptions during sock summit waiting for anyone to post pictures or fun stuff going on at the event!

    As for a fiber festival, I have yet to go to one. I do not know of any in my area, but would love to make it to reinbeck one year, but that would require a trip to the east coast~ ;D

  2. 2 Adrienne

    The only fiber festival I’ve gone to is Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival in Canby, Oregon. I’ve only attended once (2006), but I’m attending this year!

  3. 3 Karen

    My favorite festival is the NY Sheep & Wool in Rhinebeck. I have only been there once but it was worth the 3 1/2 hour drive each way. I’m going again this year!

  4. 4 Patricia Conley

    I’d have to say the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. For me, the opportunity to interact with other knitters has broadened the scope of my fiber world. I’m a former, “I only knit because I can’t find decent mittens for the kids” knitter. The community experience at the last 2 Rhinebeck events I’ve attended really got me going with a love and appreciation of the art of knitting and now spinning.

    Last year I sat with my sister in the lobby of our hotel and knit. Slowly, more and more knitters came by and stopped to sit and knit a while. Next came the spinners; then came the folks attending a wedding reception at the hotel who sat a while and shared their knitting experiences. That, to me, is what Rhinebeck is all about.

  5. 5 Dora Levitt

    Hi Cat, my one and only event that I’ve been to {and going this year~ yaaaaayyyy!!! LOL!}, is the S & W festival at Rhinebeck~ I CAN’T WAIT to see everyone there!
    I LOVE your scarf and the beautiful fall colors that you chose to use, that’s the exact pattern I was going to use to make a scarf for Rhinebeck as well!
    Oh, by the way~ I KNEW that was a Star Trek pin~ HA HA!!!
    Thanks as always for your great videos, fleecy huggys~ Dora :)

  6. 6 Beth Rudowske

    My favorite festival is the Southeast Animal Fiber Festival held near Asheville, NC, in October.
    Alpacas, sheep, rabbits, yarn, roving, accessories, oh my!

  7. 7 Cath

    My favourite festival is Woolfest. It is 1 of 2 which we have here and it is brilliant. I have been there the past 2 years and am really looking forward to going again next year. The only draw back is hubby comes with me and vets what I buy.

    I love your show and am so glad you liked the stitch markers which I donated to your last contest.


    aka Knitter Scarlet

  8. 8 Will

    Hello Cat! I love your handspun, and you get a gold star for the Star Trek pin thingy. It made me chuckle.

    As for my favorite knitting event…I’ve only been to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, just this past May. I went from not knowing what a spindle was when I entered the bus that morning to spinning my own “yarn” on the bus ride home! I had a great time at the festival, but I think my favorite part was the bus ride itself…we had a fun group. I’m determined to make it to Rhinebeck…wish me luck!

  9. 9 Gretchen

    Woolfest in Cockermouth UK

  10. 10 Isabelle

    My favorite festival is the New York State Sheep and wool festival. I went last year and had SO much fun. I bought this lovely roving and a drop spindle. I wish I could l\this year, But I’m in seventh grade this year so I have too much homework and after school stuff.
    I love your show and I subscribed to it on itunes. Thanks for making it!

  11. 11 Sarah K

    The only sheep and wool festival I’ve been to is, by definition, my favorite: the Southeast Animal Fiber Festival (SAFF) near Asheville, NC. I had wanted very badly to go to Rhinebeck this year, but it just doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

    Love the Star Trek pin!

  12. 12 Margie

    I’ve only been to the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival. It was fantastic. The people were so friendly and helpful. There were so many things to do and see, including many classes. Not to mention all the shopping. I highly recommend this event to anyone. It was a blast.

  13. 13 MaryjoO

    I will have to say my favorite event would be Stitches West, which I hope to go to NEXT year!

    But frankly, I think they all are fabulous for anyone who can get to any of them. And who doesn’t love the animals!

  14. 14 MaryjoO

    PS your scarf looks fabulous for fall — nice nice colorway!

  15. 15 Jadielady

    I have only been to 2 knitting events. One is a local event my knit night ladies put on, there’s sheep and alpacas and bunnies. I also like SAFF which is held in Ashville NC every fall. My mom and I go together which is lots of fun :)

  16. 16 Yarnsnthreads

    I love attending the Snake River Fiber Festival every year during the month of May in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I have been to a few others but I really enjoy this one because its smaller, so not to crowded. Although I am attending SOAR this year so I may change my mind after that. Because Rhinebeck is so far away from Idaho I have never been but its on my bucket list.

  17. 17 Lisa

    So far my favorite event has been at the Maine fiber Frolic @ Windsor fair grounds in Windsor Maine, but that may change soon….. Im going to Rhinebeck for the first time in a few weeks!

  18. 18 Adrienne

    The last Sheep and wool festival I attended had to be in the late 1980’s. I went on the last day and it was a rainy cold day and only a few people were in attendance. So I would have to say any festival that has sheep, wool, spinners and knitters would be my favorite. Some day I will get the opportunity to visit again. I totally enjoy all of your videos.(^_^)

  19. 19 Faith

    I would love to go the bigger venues, but I really love south central Ohio’s Wool Gathering at Young’s Dairy in Yellow Springs, OH.

  20. 20 Lisa

    I’ve actually only been to one Fiber Festival and that was in Anchorage, Alaska. I loved it! I now live in Ketchikan, and am looking forward to something similar here. It is a joy to work with fibers every day :) Enjoyed meeting you while you were here too :)

  21. 21 Lynnie Lee

    I have only been to one fiber festival so far, and that was Winter WoolFest in Wamego, Kansas. It was small, quaint, and a lot of fun. There were workshops, booths, tasy food and great atmosphere. I can’t wait until the next one!

  22. 22 LittleWit

    I love going to A Wool Gathering and Maryland Sheep and Wool because I get to see so many of my friends from my previous homes. I am also really digging our local Sticks N Stitches. Its just fun to see everyone show up with their fiber crafts. :)

  23. 23 Debbie Palmer

    Maryland Sheep & Wool is my current favorite. But Rhinebeck & Stitches East are coming up next month so that could change.

  24. 24 Robin VanderRoest

    My favorite is the Michigan Fiber Fest. I’ve been twice now – animals, fiber, classes – what’s not to love?!?

  25. 25 Betty Hay

    I’d have to say the fiber festival I would most like to visit is the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival in Canby, Oregon

  26. 26 Janet

    I’ve only been to one event that was dedicated solely to all things knitting and that was Stitches Mid-West. I was overwhelmed! This year I am going to Rhinebeck for the first time and I can’t wait.

  27. 27 Darlene

    Hey Cat, I just finished looking at the Book on Ravelry it looks great! I have never been to a fiber festival:( but thanks to you I feel like I’ve been to Rhinebeck!!! Thanks for all the great videos!

  28. 28 Teresa R. Roberts

    Stitches West would be my pick because it’s the only big one in my area. But any gathering of knitters is my favorite. Thanks so much. There is a group at work that gets together every Friday. It’s one more reason to love Fridays. Thanks so much for all the information.

  29. 29 kelly

    taos wool festival in taos n.m.

  30. 30 SHAWNA


  31. 31 Deanne

    Hey Cat,

    Love the scarf, especially with your hair. Lucky girl!

    My favorite wool festival is Black Sheep Gathering. Great fiber, beautiful area. I’ve never been to a festival on your side of the country, but I’ll get there!

  32. 32 michael

    Hey Cat!
    my favourite wool festival, is the Waterloo Knitter’s Fair. It’s the largest in Canada!

  33. 33 Katerina

    I don’t have a favorite as I’ve never been to one – but it’s been great fun watching the various festivals through your show!

  34. 34 Tam

    Estes Park here in Colorado is my favorite because I get to go most years. But Taos is my second favorite but I have to miss it this year. I am looking forward to getting to go to others in 2010.

  35. 35 dawn macfall

    My favorite (and honestly the only) fiber festival that I have attended for years is the:
    WI Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson WI. This year I brought home my dream loom that I had ordered the year before at the festival. It’s a 42″ 8 Harness Kessenich Weaving Loom and matching bench. Whooo hoooo!

  36. 36 Marlene Gerhard

    I have only been to Rhinebeck for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival — but I was totally blown away. I could not believe all the beautiful yarns and the only thing that restrained me from spending too much money was that I couldn’t make up my mind. I also bought my first drop spindle there — but have not perfected my technique at all — drop being the operative word. Hubby and I also saw you, Cat and Eric but didn’t have the opportunity to say hi as you were busy with an interview on Sunday. We won’t be able to be at both days this year, but are driving from Connecticut to the festival for Saturday. Hoping for slightly warmer weather this year.

  37. 37 Kate

    I think that NH sheep and wool is my favorite. Its big enough to have a wide verity of stuff, but not so big it makes my head spin. (Rhinebeck is fun, but its mentally exhaustion for me.)

  38. 38 Kristie

    All those spinners were fun to watch. It’s hard to believe that they all brought their wheels to Rhinebeck.

    I have certainly enjoyed my virtual trips to the sheep & wool festival in Rhinebeck thanks to you and Eric although I have never actually been there in person. Maybe someday I’ll be able to go to one, but in the meantime, my one consolation is that it hasn’t cost me anything, either.:-)

    Your Star Trek pin looked nice on that shawl.

  39. 39 Gwyn Kiddy

    I haven’t been to any fiber festival. I’m so envious of those that are able to attend one. My favorite fiber event is when I get to sit and knit with my knitting friends. The time just flies by!

  40. 40 Jenny

    I have only been to Maryland Sheep and Wool in 2007, but I loved it and hope to go again next year!

  41. 41 Guru Nam Kaur

    Hi Cat,
    Thanks for another great epsiode. My favorite is the Taos Wool Festival. It’s quirky and fun and New Mexioc is beautiful in October.

  42. 42 Susan Crosby

    Hi Cat,
    I’ve only been to the very first Taos Sheep and Wool festival back in the early 80’s. Our spinners guild did a sheep to shawl contest. I would love to go back. Maybe next year.

  43. 43 deb

    I’ve only been to local ones in toronto and the two that i love to go to are the Knitter’s Frolic in the spring and then the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter’s Fair in the Fall. Hoping to go to Rhinebeck one year when the KW Fair doesn’t break the budget.

  44. 44 jennifer tuttle

    My favorite is coming up! I love the SAFF (Southeastern Fiber Festival) in Hendersonville, NC and it is Oct 23-25th and fast approaching! I am packed and ready 😉 My family and coworkers know that I will be gone for 3 days of fleece, spinning, knitting, dying, and fiber fondling! I plan for it a year in advance and already can’t wait for next year’s show and this one isn’t even here! Someday I will make it to Rhinebeck….hopefully!

  45. 45 Nancy

    *Love* your podcast!!! My favorite fiber festival is the Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival in Minnesota!

  46. 46 Susanna

    My favorite fiber festival is the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival.

  47. 47 Teresa p

    I’ve never been to a fiber festival or event. I live near LA and there isn’t much that goes on down here that’s fiber related. I was all set to go to the Santa Monica Festival last year, but it was cancelled. I would like to go to the Black Sheep Gathering, Madrona, and Stitches West, and Este when I can afford to travel AND buy things.

  48. 48 Shameka

    I have only had the wonderful opportunity to visit Rhinebeck, and for the past 2 years I have attended. I plan to attend this year again, as it gets bigger and better every year. I love the fact that it is less than 2 hours drive away from my house. I also love the fact that I get to meet so many new people there, as well as reconnect with many of my knitting friends. Some of my favorite booths are Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Decadent Fibers, and Brooks farm yarns. I also love the maple sugar, wine and cheese tasting events in the food building.

  49. 49 karlijn

    I just had a fabulous fiber weekend in Uddel (the Netherlands). Quite exciting too, because we spent the whole weekend together and before this weekend we only knew each other through the internet. In comparission with most fiber events it was a small event: we were with 17 young mothers. Most of us came with their husband and kids and it was really great to spend so much time together knitting, spinning and (of course) talking about almost everything.

  50. 50 Tanu

    My favorite fiber event is NY Sheep and Wool – its the only one i’ve ever been too. LOL.

  51. 51 CAT

    Thank you all for sharing your favorite fiber or knitting events!

    The winner of the book Fiber Gathering is Faith who loves the south central Ohio’s Wool Gathering.

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