lk2g-066 Alaska is for Knitters – Juneau and Ketchikan

This latest episode of our video podcast is the EPIC conclusion of our yarny trip to Alaska.  For this episode we stop in Glacier Bay, Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan.

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Special thanks to Cheri Pyles from Mission Arts and Fibers and The Point in Ketchikan

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52 Responses to “lk2g-066 Alaska is for Knitters – Juneau and Ketchikan”

  1. 1 Krystofer Dixon

    During the BIG TEN I worked downtown in indianapolis and we were VERY busy…And becasue of the 200,000 extra people we had in the city parking was a BITCH! So instead of parking at work and shelling out $20+ dollars a day I had my roomie take me to work.

    I get in around 1:00pm and start my day. Around 7 a call comes in and its for me but since im in the middle of a store full of crazy shoppers I had them take a message…It turned out to be the roomie…

    I call him back and he tells me he is going to be going out of town around 9 and would be back later and if I could find a place to crash tonight since he is going to have “company” when he got home…

    Okay so after my freaking out in the break room…thank god for out endless supply of coffee, tea, and chocolate my friend told me she had to go out my way and it wouldnt be a problem getting me home…*insert deep breathe here*

    So after I get home around 10:30 the house is still empty so I gathered my stuff and when into my room downstairs and started knitting.

    Around 12 I hear people come into the house. I stay in my little room minding my own.

    1am they are gone again…which tells me they are out drinking…

    they get back around 3:30 and hang out in the living room…again im in my little room minding my own.

    5:00 gets here and the roomie comes down and is like Krystofer you’re here! GREAT could you do me a favor…

    Keep in mind im still up from work and just lounging knitting away.

    Sure I tell him what do you want. He tells me that the company needs to go home and if I could go with them since he wasnt able to drive back. Sure I can do that I reply, forgeting that he lives 65 miles away in Richmond. I get dressed and grab a sock that I started to I have something to work on in the car ride up there.we got there, Company got out and I took the wheel for the car ride home *another hour and some drive back to our house*

    We pull into the drive way and I get out of the car. Walk to the drivers side passenger door and see something caught in it. After closer inspection i see its string….a VERY familar color too I might add…

    I followed it to where it ended outside the car, and there 4 feet behind the car was my sock…

    I thought it was safe in the car when I got out but i guess I got out, it fell ouy, I closed the door on the ball in the car and my dear sock was left to dangle on the highway being dragged 65 miles at 90 MPH…

    thank god it was at night and noone was able to see me dragging my knitting.

    But after crying to my dear friend Mathew he reminded me that even Masters of the univers like up sometimes have to leave our socks out to dry…

    I’m going to wait abit before I knit inthe back seat again

  2. 2 CAT

    Thank you all for your hilarious stories! Eric and I have been laughing for the past few weeks at all your stories. If you get a chance, go back and read everyone’s great stories.

    And now, The winner of the Mason-Dixon Knitting book is JD!

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