lk2g-074 Rhinebeck 2009 Bob and the Big Sock

In this latest episode of our web video series we return to the 2009 New York State Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck.  In this episode we visit the Ravely meetup and hear about the Big Sock project.

Other fun things you’ll see in this episode:

The winner of the Cherry Tree Hill SuperSock yarn in Sugar Maple Colorway was Monica Rees!  Congratulations

What’s on the set:

What I am wearing:

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10 Responses to “lk2g-074 Rhinebeck 2009 Bob and the Big Sock”

  1. 1 Daria

    Hi Cat-Eric. 😉 How wonderfully exciting it is to see another episode! I have one problem though. I can’t watch it. Either it’s something wrong with my computer, or it’s something strange going on with the video-uload. Hmm.. anyway, good to see something new as allways! Yours truly /Daria

  2. 2 le chat qui coud

    How sweet this mascot!
    I love the cat yarn!!!!

    I’ve just began a contest to win a shawl “Sex and the City” very easily…. Feel free to participate in your own language and maybe talk about it?


  3. 3 Tommy

    Another wonderful show! I had the biggest kick out of the last shot. I had thought Cat’s arm had swollen when the ipod was raised, then I realized it was Eric’s beefy arm!
    I will have to check out the cat yarn mentioned.
    I can only hope that the 2010 Rhinebeck show will be just as much fun to watch!

  4. 4 Freddie Breyer

    Great job as usual. I like the bunnies, so cute. What NO bloopers???

  5. 5 erica reynoso montalvo

    Dear CAT & eric,

    Great job with this episose, as usual.
    Fabulous Felines – I can’t help but sneeze everytime I thinmk about the Fabulous Felines yarn. My head knows that the yarn is based on cat colors vs. cat hair yarn but it gives me the itchies, and my eyes start to water. The colorways are really pretty, tho.

  6. 6 Megan

    enjoyed the show. Thanks for another great episode.

  7. 7 Taj

    This episode was the cherry on the cake for me and finally made me pull the trigger and get a ticket for New York in October to check out Rhinebeck. My mom lives in Syracuse and we’ve shared little knitting, but I’ve made her watch as many episodes of “Let’s Knit Together” as she could take in when she’s visited Colorado(what a shame). Hope to see you at Rhinebeck 2010, thanks for all you do!!!!!!

  8. 8 Rachel

    Dear Cat,
    Thank you so much for all of your Rhinebeck episodes. I have never been able to go to Rhinebeck, but I have always wanted to. Your Rhinebeck episodes make me feel like I have gone. Thank you.

  9. 9 Tania S

    I’m finally getting to go to NYSW this year and this made me giddy with excitement. I wonder if they’ll have the big sock again…

  10. 10 michael

    Thanks Cat & Eric!
    Rachel beat me to it!
    I love the road trips with you guys 😉

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