lk2g-075 Plying – Spinning for Knitters Part 3

In this latest episode of our web video series, we walk you through 3 techniques for plying. We also cover tools for plying and how to make your own if you tools.

You’ll see the following plying techniques:

  • Standard 2 ply
  • Andean plying
  • Navajo Plying

What’s on the set:

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9 Responses to “lk2g-075 Plying – Spinning for Knitters Part 3”

  1. 1 Susan Hardy

    Hello, I must say as a non-spinner, that was really interesting. I often wondered how the plying is done. I would love to have the space and time to do spinning but I will leave it to the experts. Thanks for that.

  2. 2 Zach

    I just have a question. What do you get if you ply two 2 ply yarns together? Can you do that? Would it be considered four ply or is there another name?

  3. 3 CAT

    If you ply the 2 ply yarns in the clockwise direction that’s called a cabled yarn.
    If you ply the 2 ply yarns in the counter clockwise direction, that’s just a 4ply.

  4. 4 Kimberly

    I really enjoyed this episode. I have been spinning for awhile and I wanted to give you a tip that I use when plying from a center-pull ball. Instead of putting my thumb in the middle of the ball to keep it from becoming a mess, I use my nostepinne(sp?). It’s the perfect size and I can either wind the single directly onto the nostepinne, or I can wind it on a ball winder and the slide the ball from the winder onto the nostepinne. It works great every time and I never get a tangled up mess.

    Thanks for all that you guys do!

  5. 5 CAT

    That’s a great idea! I sometimes use the end of a toilet paper roll.

  6. 6 Misty

    This is the first episode that I have seen of your video podcasts. VERY GOOD PODCAST! You gave such good information. My favorite part was the bloopers at the end because that is honest-to-goodness spinning. The single breaking, the minispinner ripping it out of your hand, dropping stuff. That’s what happens here too.

  7. 7 Megan

    I agree Misty. It made me feel like maybe I’m not such a klutz. Maybe everyone has those problems!

    Loved the episode. Since I am sort of self taught and only used videos on the internet to learn how to ply, its nice to have some affirmation that I’m doing it right! Also, am now seriously thinking about somehow tensioning my homemade Kate.

  8. 8 sahara

    Hi Cat! This was a wonderful podcast! I was on Ravelry and stumbled upon the Hansen Mini Spinner group. I was interested and it led me to your show. Great! I’m now gonna check out a few other episodes and definitely recommend your show to some new knitters I know.

    The production quality and your demos are excellent, something I really dislike in Youtube.

  9. 9 Muriel

    Fabulous! Your video is great! I am going to send a link to your site to all my knitty friends. You do a wonderful job speaking. Very professional.

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