lk2g-093 Della Q Interview

In this latest episode of our knitting web video series/podcast we chat with Della Q, designer and owner of Della Q bags for knitters.  She tells us a bit about how she got started with her company and what are some of the things she has coming up.

What’s on the set:

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Special Thanks to Della Q

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3 Responses to “lk2g-093 Della Q Interview”

  1. 1 Betsy

    I loved the first 3 minutes of the interview but then my computer is going to an advertisement and won’t let me see the rest of the interview. I can watch the first few minutes again and then right back to the ad. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

  2. 2 Betsy

    It worked perfect this morning! Great interview, now I want more bags and of course, more needles for the bags.

  3. 3 Erica Reynoso

    I heart that she listens and responds to her customer needs. And that she’s found her place in this niche.

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