lk2g-094 Lisa Shroyer Interview

In this latest episode of our knitting web video series/podcast we chat with Lisa Shroyer editor of Interweave Knitscene magazine, project editor of Interweave Knits magazine and designer/author of knitting books and patterns. Lisa tells us a bit about what it takes to edit Knitscene as well as her role on Interweave Knits.  She also gives us a glimpse of her new book.

What’s on the Set:

What I am wearing:

  • During the interview: Lacy Baktus in Blue Heron Rayon Metallic
  • In the chair: Icarus Shawl made with Handmaiden 2ply silk Cashmere

Special Thanks to Lisa Shroyer

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59 Responses to “lk2g-094 Lisa Shroyer Interview”

  1. 1 Anna Garde

    I love making fingerless mittens and gloves from sock yarn. Most are machine washable, so that’s the first plus. They are a nice thickness, not too much fabric between the fingers. Being a similar circumference to a sock, the patterns of the sock yarns turn out the same as socks.
    Anna in Australia, love the videos, keep them coming.

  2. 2 Cinda

    I’d have to say a tiny sock Christmas ornament. My eyes were not happy! :-)

  3. 3 Lee

    I made a crochet baby monkey (pattern called for worsted)out of leftover yarn from 2 knit sock monkey kits from KP. I made him a diaper too.

  4. 4 Jean

    Probably the craziest thing I’ve knit with sock yarn are tit bits for the Knitted Knockers Program for breast cancer survivors.

  5. 5 Sarah

    My boyfriend asked for toe socks, and i heard toad socks… confusion ensued, and then he demanded toe toad socks. So it’s not actually done yet, but a current project is toe socks with tiny intarsia toads on the heel flaps!

    Also rugs for a dollhouse….

  6. 6 Melinda

    I made an iPod cover out of leftover sock yarn

  7. 7 ali ferdinand

    The craziest thing I ever knitted with sock yarn was a mitten for a man who had severed three fingers in a circular saw accident. The mitten was to keep this hand warm when he didn’t couldn’t wear a glove because of swelling. The mitten was the size of a table tennis paddle.

  8. 8 CAT

    Thanks everyone for sharing the crazy things (and not so crazy) things you’ve knitted with sock yarn!

    The winner of the Think outside the Sox book is: Kara Hoover!

  9. 9 Ruth

    Socks. (no creativity here), but I think Lori’s breast wins!

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