lk2g-098 Anni Kristensen from Himalaya Yarn

In this latest episode of our knitting web video series/podcast we chat with Anni Kristensen from Himalaya Yarn.
She tells us about their yarns from fibers like the recycled silk, new silk, nettled and other fibers from India and Nepal

Yarns and Patterns shown in this episode:

What am I wearing:

Special thanks to Anii Kristensen from Himalaya Yarn

7 Responses to “lk2g-098 Anni Kristensen from Himalaya Yarn”

  1. 1 Sue

    Thanks for another great episode!

  2. 2 Rosemarie Z

    I love the burgundy capelette you are wearing as you interview Anni Kristensen. Is the pattern available? What yarn was used?

  3. 3 Tammie Pfeiffer

    Thank you for another wonderful video. Does anyone know if there is a pattern for the shawlette that Anni is wearing?

  4. 4 Ruth

    Interesting. I have a couple of skeins of recycled silk, but am hearing about how tough it is to knit with. I’d love to see you do a show on uses for the yarn Anni sells, perhaps with you doing some sort of project?

  5. 5 debyd(chrisman)

    great show as always.fresh and informative. interesting aspect on yarn. you and eric are over the top. thanks.

  6. 6 karen

    Great interview with Anni, I’m still drooling over the beautiful silk yarns in the background. I love all the rich colors she displayed. Do they feel as soft as they look?

  7. 7 Michelle C

    I found your vlog through itunes 3 months ago right after i finally had success learning how to knit, and just got finished watching all of them.

    My son loved the field trips to the festivals, and farm as did I. Before watching I was ignorant of the lovely fiber festivals, your vids have been an eye opener.

    I am now putting a bug in my families ear, and hope to attend this years festival at Rheinbeck. Though it will be a climate shock as we live in the desert.

    Your vlog is great and I have enjoyed every one thourghly. The two of you are very personable, and the content so fresh. Can’t wait for more.

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