Welcome to LetsKnit2gether!

LetsKnit2gether is a video podcast about knitting.   (also known as vcast, vlog, video blog)       

In the spirit of Elizabeth Zimmerman and in the age of the internet; we bring you LetsKnit2gether.  A knitting podcast using video.

We will cover such topics as socks, blocking, felting, knitting with ribbon, lace knitting, and maybe even a field trip or two.

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Felting Episode - Big bag prior to feltingSock Episode - Knitting Two Socks on Two Circs

Note:No ipod required 

13 Responses to “Welcome to LetsKnit2gether!”

  1. 1 Carine

    This is a fabulous idea! Cat, Eric, thanks! Great work. I’m looking forward to future episodes.

  2. 2 Tim

    Cat & Eric,

    The Podcast is excellent. Very professional! It’s as good as anything I’ve seen on PBS on Saturday. Martha Stewart…Look out!

    OK, if it was me I’d darn it! But I understand.

  3. 3 kit

    I love it! Thanks so much. I am so glad to actually ‘see’ the sock technique, it helped tremendously!
    I look forward to future episodes.

  4. 4 Audrey

    I really am enjoying this podcast. I am a beginning knitter… and it is helpful to “see” what is being talked about. These are so professionally done… I can’t wait for future episodes. The poncho you knitted for your niece was just adorable!

  5. 5 Virginia

    Cat and Eric,
    I really enjoyed this podcast You were very good @ addressing some of the problems I was having making socks. Thank you so much, please keep up the great job and bring some more episodes for us new to knitting. Teach us we will learn!!!

  6. 6 Judith Lechner

    Thanks so much for all of your work putting together this podcast..
    I had knit socks on two round needles but never could figure out how to knit two at the same time….
    Now I know…
    Judy Lechner

  7. 7 Andrea Broadbent

    Dear Cat:
    I enjoyed watching your podcast on beaded knitting. It is truely an inspiration to me because, as a novice knitter, I find that watching the process is a better learning method than interpreting drawings.

    Thank you!

    Andrea Broadbent

  8. 8 Chuck

    Hi Cat & Eric- My wife who took up knitting showed me your spinning episodes and I am completely HOOKED! You’ve help inspire me to build my own drop spindles and spinning wheel and explore this wonderful new world. I love to add to my wifes’ “stash” and I’m even raking hairs off our cat to spin in hopes of making a pair of “kitten mittens”. I look forward to seeing you each month. Keep it up! Great job!

  9. 9 Kate

    Just started watching your podcasts, which are great. Thanks.

  10. 10 Regina

    Dear Cat & Eric,

    I am so happy to see a knitting podcast that I can watch. I am a visual learner and when I read the directions in the books my projects take a little turn when I get confused by the instruction and that is when I add my own twist. I would like to make a pair of socks during this holiday season and after watching you use the circular needles to make two pair of socks at one time, I am going to try it this coming week. Thanks for the inspiration. HOLIDAYS

  11. 11 Administrator

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  12. 12 Julie

    I just found your website when i was looking for video instructions for making socks. I can’t wait to watch the other videos. I’ll have to email my niece Claire who is 10, and just starting to knit and tell her to check out your website.

  13. 13 laura

    i love your videos!
    they have helped me alot!
    keep it up!

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