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Holiday Greeting

lk2g-009 Stitches East 2006 in Baltimore, Maryland

In this episode we take a field trip to the 2006 Stitches East Expo in Baltimore, Maryland where we met with Jane Sowerby, author of Victorian Lace Today.

In this episode we met with:

Special thanks to Tracy Peterson and Benjamin Levisay from XRX Events for providing us access to the expo.

Podsafe Music:

What am I wearing:

We apologize for the delay in posting this show, Eric and I were both sick for a week and we fell behind.

lk2g-008 Felting aka The Science Experiment, Pt. 2

Join us as we continue the experiment of felting the bag from our previous episode.

Book Review:

What’s on the set:

  • See episode 7 for details of what’s on the set and what I am wearing

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