lk2g-016 2007 Maryland Sheep and Wool pt. 1

In this episode of our video podcast, we took a field trip to Maryland in May for the Sheep and Wool Festival.

We saw:

  • Sheep, alpacas, lamas, rabbits, and lots of people!
  • A Fiberarts tools auction
  • Sheep Show
  • Aggie and Scout the sheep dogs
  • Several great small events
  • Plus interviews!

What am I wearing:

Our Music Today:

Speical Thanks to: Mary Dotson, Olivia Combest and Sophia Lemtouni for their great interviews!

7 Responses to “lk2g-016 2007 Maryland Sheep and Wool pt. 1”

  1. 1 Heather

    Thanks for interviewing Sophia, she loved it! A very interesting episode…and btw the ‘cabling w/o a cable needle’ lesson was amazing!

  2. 2 Tan

    The question is, did YOU get any Socks that Rock?

    Great show, as always.


  3. 3 Jane

    Thank you for sharing this event. I live on the West Coast so I’m unlikely to ever get to this one. It looks like it was a lot of fun for everyone. I loved the auction in particular. Are you going to show us all what you got there? I hope you keep doing these videos. They are just wonderful.

  4. 4 Angela

    Like Sophia, Olivia (aka The Knitting Niece) had a great time being interviewed. Thanks!

  5. 5 Lori

    Thanks for another great podcast! I’m heading out to the Michigan Fiber Festival in August, so it’s great to see some of what I can expect when I go.

  6. 6 Michele

    Thank you for a fabulous video! I’ve always wondered what this festival was like, and now I feel like I’ve been there. Loved the footage of the sheep dogs, the yarn, the interviews. Excellent work!

  7. 7 Jane

    I heard about the podcast during 2008 MDSW. Had to go check it out – – boy did that bring back some memories. I remember you!!!!!!! I was trying to explain your shawl to someone after I came home – its so beautiful and unique.

    Of course someone had to tease me about not knowing what a chakra was this year, but thats ok! I dont think they stumped me too bad this year!!!

    Auctioneer MS&W

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