lk2g-018 UnFinished Objects

In this episode of our Video Podcast, CAT walks you through her UFOs. You’ll see just how much was hiding in her stash.

What’s on the set:

Special thanks to the following Ravelers for use of their Clapotis photos:

13 Responses to “lk2g-018 UnFinished Objects”

  1. 1 Shannon

    Finish that Clapotis! It’s GORGEOUS!


  2. 2 LaurieM

    You deserve better from yourself! Finish one of those UFOs as a Christmas present from you to you. I agree about the Clapotis, you’re so close!

  3. 3 MJ

    I really like how the baby afghan turned out!
    well done!

    I alos agree – the Clapotis is Gorgeous!
    you really should finish it!

  4. 4 kimberly

    OH that clapotis is really gorgeous and you will be so happy once you’ve finished it. I did the same thing because it really did get boring, but stick to it, this is one of those knits that drapes so nicely and wears so wonderfully you’ll want to knit a second one right after it although it was so boring.
    Oh and my Icarus got put to the side because of the boring factor as well. As soon as I read about the Mystery Stole starting in July, I had a deadline of no two lace projects on the needles at one time so I flew through the end of it. I’m not really a shawl person but this Icarus I’ve worn three times already. It’s another one that’s sooo worth the boredom. I can’t wait to see your FOs!!!

  5. 5 renee

    oh, that’s awesome to know what you’ve got to finish. Nice not being alone. I’ve got a 6-8 piece bathroom set to crochet. I started the rug first because it was the biggest, and I’m still crocheting the nap part that was supposed to stand up like the strands of a rug do. That was 5 years ago and counting. Meanwhile, my mom has changed her bathroom design to palm from hunter green and floral to sand and palm trees. Hunter green and cream will still work with that right? lol

  6. 6 renee

    Forgot to add, that I got bit by the knitting bug a few months ago and am proud to tell you that I have knitting a pair of socks. I am almost ready to do another pair.

    Another thing that gives me joy is that on the yarn harlot’s web site, she had that UFO knitalong where she inspired about 300 or more people and wound up on tv for it. That’s giving me major hope.

  7. 7 Sonserae

    Two weeks ago I went into my stash and looked at my UFOs. There were some I KNEW I WOULD NEVER FINISH because I wasn’t interested in the garment/project anymore. So, I frogged them. I ripped and rolled balls all weekend. It was liberating. Usually, you are not enthused by the project anymore but still are in love with the yarn. The best solution is to take a picture of all of the unfinished objects and then rip them out. You give the yarn a new life in something else and don’t feel like such a quitter in the end.

    It’s therapeutic for the perfectionistic person. I used to finish reading a book even though I hated it because I never wanted to not finish anything I started. My husband told me that was silly. “Put the book down and don’t finish it if you don’t like it.” he’d say. It’s a hard thing to do if you are a person of character…but when it comes to stash, bite the bullet. If you truly know you will never finish a project, don’t have it hanging over your head anymore. Rip it out and give the yarn a second chance at life.

    Bind off the Clapotis as it is!! It’s large enough to wear now and is beautiful! Just tell yourself that it wasn’t that you didn’t finish it, you used your creativity and change it a bit!

  8. 8 Green Eyes

    Cat! I’ve just discover this site and I find it absolutely amazing!
    You’re doing such a good work with the videocast!
    Congratulations from Spain!

  9. 9 Krystofer

    I LOVE your show I started watching it last year! I just wanted to say I couldn’t stop laughing when you said bling bling…I don’t know why…it was just soo cute!

  10. 10 CraftyGryphon

    *Sigh* I’d been resisting Clapotis, but all the pics you had in this episode (and the one you saw at… MDS&W? Rhinebeck? … one of those…

    I cast mine on last night. The Podcast Made Me Do It.

  11. 11 Zach

    I have to say, you are a wonderful knitter. I wouldn’t be half as far as you on most of those projects. I would love to make a Clapotis, but the boredom is really a clincher. Maybe I’ll make one now that I have an etsy store. I also have to say that I have a lot of UFO’s myself. I really hate straight knitting with no increases or patterns with repeating designs that say to knit 6 inches. I like having a row count. OH, that sweater you were wearing… did you knit that yourself or is it store bought? If it’s hand knit, is it hand spun too? I would love to make a sweater like that too. Did you ever finish your Icarus? I love the colors. I wouldn’t make one because I have no one who’d want it.

  12. 12 Erica Reynoso Montalvo

    So, CAT, since this episode, did you complete any of your other UFOs?

  13. 13 jacob

    i have one ufo a green sock

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