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lk2g-027 Sock Wars III

In this episode of our video podcast CAT battled Sock Wars III

The first rule of Sock Wars is to talk about Sock Wars (so here we are!)

The rules of engagement: Kill your target by knitting a pair of socks before your assassin kills you.

See more at Sock Wars on Ravelry

On the Set:


lk2g-026 Knitting Journeys

In this episode of our Video Podcast, CAT takes you on her journey through Hamburg, Germany and her experience spinning Qiviut from Greenland.

Shops in Germany:

  • Wolle Laden, stash enhancement: hand dyed and natural Irish Wool
  • Purpur Wolle stash enhancement: Regia Sock yarn and Filatura di Crosa Golden Line Superior Cashmere/Silk
  • Wollboutique stash enhancement: Trekking Hand Art, Austerman Step, Opal

What’s on the set:

What am I wearing:

Upcoming events CAT will be attending:

Lets Knit2gether is on Ravelry

Special Thanks to Jane (Lacefreaks) and Connie (Conicuts) for use of their photos for this episode.

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