lk2g-028 Sock Wars III continued

In this episode of our video podcast, we continue CAT’s adventure in the Sock Wars III experience!The first rule of Sock Wars is to talk about Sock Wars (so here we are!)

The rules of engagement: Kill your target by knitting a pair of socks before your assassin kills you.

See more at Sock Wars on Ravelry

What’s on the set:

What am I wearing:

  • Los Manos Locos! Crazy Toe up Monkey Socks in hand spun yarn from Susan’s Spinning Bunny Superwash Merino/Tencel fiber. Completed May 2008. See close up in the gallery
  • Top down cardigan (my own design based on SpinCraft pattern) completed June 2007 knit from hand spun yarn spun from Miss Lime’s Springtime fiber from episiode 12
  • Detonation Socks completed May 2007 (pattern from Sock wars)
  • Drop stitch ribbon knit jacket made with Katia Chic ribbon yarn. Knitted sleeve to sleeve of my own design. Completed Spring 2004.
  • Scarf made with railroad ribbon, completed Summer 2004

6 Responses to “lk2g-028 Sock Wars III continued”

  1. 1 April

    Loved the new episode. I love the work that you two do and would love to donate and add your widget to my blog. I hope you get everything that you need (and more).

  2. 2 Dez

    OMG tooo many kathy’s!!! but for some reason, im not too sorry you got killed lol. i get it tho, sounds like such a fun game, i think im going to have to get in to knitting socks to play along, awesome videos! i hope your fund raising goes well

  3. 3 Ria

    Though I don’t have the spare cash to donate myself (which I’d love to do, since I love your vidcast), I will put the widget on my blog. It doesn’t have many readers, but heck, every little bit helps! :) Good luck with the fundraising!

  4. 4 Andrea

    Ohhhh, I was living vicariusly through your sock wars… sorry you got killed!

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