lk2g-039 NYC Adventures

In this latest episode of our video podcast, we go on a knitting adventure in NYC to visit the Lion Brand Studios and the Knit1Magazine premiere.

Join us as we walk through the new Lion Brand store in NYC with Patty, Liz and Zontee.  Stop by and visit the store if you’re in the area.

Listen to CATs interview on the Yarncraft Podcast which we recorded during this visit.

At The Point in NYC, we had the chance to participate in the premiere of the Knit1 Magazine Fall/Winter issue.

Special thanks to the Rockland Knitters, Spin City Spinners and my friends from work for helping out with making caps for the Save The Children  Knit 1 Save 1 campaign.

Our next LIVE show is January 31st at 6pm Eastern.  Join us for a virtual Show and Tell and to chat about your latest projects!

We’re having a contest this month to win a beautiful skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Seduction Sock yarn in the Spring Fling Colorway.  Just leave a comment here to tell us which demo topic you’d like us to produce first and be eligible to win this great skein of yarn! It looks like this colorway has been discontinued so sign up quick for your chance to win!  We’ll be naming the winner here on February 14th!

The options are:

  • Binding off Toe up Socks
  • Fair Isle (actually Stranded) Knitting
  • Knitting Dishcloths

What’s on the set/what am I wearing:

  • Katia Florida Top made with the yarn in the pattern. Completed 2004
  • Blue Moon Fiber Arts Seduction Sock yarn in Spring Fling Colorway

Edited 2/14 – The winner of the yarn is: Karen in Maine! We’ll be emailing you to get the address for where to send this lovely yarn

171 Responses to “lk2g-039 NYC Adventures”

  1. 1 liz

    I would love to see all three! I just bought your book about socks so I would choose that if I have to but all of them would be nice. Thanks for the shows.

  2. 2 Margie

    I just found your podcast yesterday and I love it already. I’m a brand new knitter and am appreciative of any free knitting instruction I can get my hands on. I’m itching to make a pair of socks, so I’d like to see Binding off toe up socks. But to be honest, I’m sure I’ll like all 3 episodes. Best wishes.

  3. 3 lotusknit

    I’d love to see binding off toe up socks – I love learning new variations on such a simple thing as a sock!

  4. 4 Monique

    I vote for the binding off of toe up socks first. I would also love to see an episode on steeking. Or maybe slip stitch patterns, or a how to do good yarn substitutions. There’s a lot I’d love to see. Keep up the informative wonderful work.

  5. 5 Leina

    I vote for binding off toe-up socks. :)

  6. 6 Susan

    Binding off Toe up Socks please!

  7. 7 Michele

    My vote is for the sock bind-off!

  8. 8 Tommie

    Fair Isle and toe finishing are more technical and exciting sounding but I have dishcloth dilemma. I’ve been knitting dish cloths this past year and now I have all these partial skeins left. I’d like to learn some good, sturdy joins for cotton so I can use up these bits of yarn.

  9. 9 Kerrie James

    Hi Cat! Definitely would love to see some fair isle demos! Thanks!

  10. 10 Lisa D

    Love the new haircut. I would like to see a bind-off for toe up socks. I always knit them this way because I can just keep knitting until I run out of yarn and that is how long they will be. My bind-offs are not always as stretchy as I would like. thanks

  11. 11 Spamanda

    I would love to learn more about fair isle knitting! I’m a beginner and your show always inspires me to my next projects! In fact I’m going out today to get some wire and beads to make jewelry!

  12. 12 Julie

    Your podcasts are always wonderful. I wish I lived closer to New York. I would love to learn more about Fair Isle knitting – Thank you!

  13. 13 Katherine

    Just watched this episode today and wanted to put my vote in for fair isle! I might be too late though. Oh well. :)

  14. 14 Cheryl Juhl

    I would love to learn the toe up bind off first (followed by Fair Isle) I love your video podcasts and your new haircut is great!

  15. 15 Ginger

    Oh wow … I would love to see an episode on binding-off toe-up socks … but an episode on fair-isle socks would be great too – well any fair isle in the round really.

    but you knwo me, its all about socks — so BO the TUs.

    Wow so many comments to chose from? however will you pick just one winner?

    Did anyone else get tinglies looking at all that yarn on the wall??

  16. 16 Donna

    As usual, a great episode Cat! Personally, I’d love to see a demo of Fair Isle. Thanks for all you do!
    PS I love your hair!

  17. 17 Erika B

    I loved this episode and want to thank you for putting out all of these wonderful videos for us! I was re-visiting them today when I remembered that I haven’t left a comment yet! I would love to see either the toe-up bind off or the fair isle. I know I’ve seen a lot of cute fair isle kits lately, but I’m always afraid to try them. Maybe you can help me build the courage? 😉

  18. 18 Erin

    Oooh! Fair Isle Knitting!!

  19. 19 Becky

    I would like to see the toe-up socks bind-off… And heel turning options for toe-up socks. I always have to do the heel a couple times for the when/how to turn it!

    I love the podcast, thanks for doing it!

  20. 20 CAT

    The winner of the yarn is: Karen in Maine! We’ll be emailing you to get the address for where to send this lovely yarn!

  21. 21 Jennifer P.

    Hi Cat! I’d like to vote for the episode of Binding off Toe up Socks first!!

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