lk2g-042 January Journeys

In this episode of our video podcast, CAT travels to New Orleans, Louisiana and Monterey, California and stops in on some local yarn stores.

Our special thanks to Audrey for showing us around Monterey!

Yarn stores Visited:

Book review/personal story:

What I am wearing:

What’s on the set:

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107 Responses to “lk2g-042 January Journeys”

  1. 1 Lisa

    I love the shawl you made for your mother – it inspired me to RUN out and buy Nancy Bush’s book. I quickly cast on the Lilac Leaf Shawl from the book in a cream-colored yarn called Socrates (by Alpaca with a Twist). I want to give it to my mother-in-law, but her birthday is April 9th, and I’m only about a quarter of the way finished with it. Agh! Hopefully I can make it… :)

  2. 2 Wilma

    Wow, I stumbled in through searching for knitting pod casts–I am enjoying the catch up.
    The shawl is beautiful–as all those knitted items I seen worn.
    So a goof up. Only three years in and the sock bug hit and stayed -so making my husbands fourth pair of socks with recommend yarn that was to be superwash–I confindently toss into the cold water wash and now I have mini socks to cry over –I have a true dislike for felting and don’t know if I ever will deliberately shrink a piece I knit. So I do not know where the goof was me or the yarn but I will not buy that brand again. I have mad many Tofusties –joined the LT sock club for both seasons-great yarn great patterns and what an experience-joy.
    Knitting on—Wilma

  3. 3 Ishie

    Yet again another wonderful episode. I havent had access to the net for a while and its good to catch up on some ep. Your shawl is just beautiful- your mother will definitely love it Cat.

  4. 4 CAT

    We have a winner of the Tofutsies Extravaganza!


  5. 5 Enentsa

    Hi Cat,

    I have to tell you that I so look forward to your shows. My daughter (8 years old) knits and spins (as do i) and we watch together. Tonight we popped popcorn and it was late for her around 9:30pm, when I realized she hadn’t done her homework. She missed it (..couldn’t wait for her) but I’ll catch her up tomorrow. The quality is so professional and such a joy…i’m in reruns…

  6. 6 becka

    I know that your Mom LOVED her shawl! It is gorgeous!
    I so enjoy your podcasts! Thanks so much for all of the care that you always put into each episode!
    one knitting mistake, eh?! A doozy was knitting a top for a friend on 2 circs and i didn’t check each needle with a needle gauge….yep, the front was knit on size 7 and the back on size 6!!! I was elated to see that the final product looked nice in that the front was patterned and the back stockinette – therefore my mistake wasn’t evident to anyone but me! i’m very thankful that the person for whom I knit the top wasn’t a knitter and loved the top!

  7. 7 Courtney

    I visited the Quarter Stitch in New Orleans last January. I too have not opened my yarn because it is too pretty in the package. I guess I will have to go back and buy more and tell her not to wrap it up because I want to use it this time!

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