lk2g-047 Rhinebeck 2008 Ravelry Meetup

In this episode of our video podcast we revisit the 2008 NY State Sheep and Wool Festival.  This time we speak to ravelers at the Ravelry Meetups and Ravelry Party.

We chat with:

What am I wearing:

Christina/eyes4books was our winner!  Special thanks to Rachel at Dyeabolical Yarn for the beautiful one of a kind sock yarn for our giveaway.

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4 Responses to “lk2g-047 Rhinebeck 2008 Ravelry Meetup”

  1. 1 CaroleNJ/SloKnitR

    love (1) great episode! Made me feel like I was there all over again. I was glad to see the SockStars front and center – Samro – designer of Shawl That Jazz, (blond in the center) with Socktopus – designer of Shur’tagul Socks to her left (our right) and misknits next to her (in the cabled hoodie) – You can see my hair behind Socktopus. Your coat was gorgeous and it was sure a perfect day to wear it.

  2. 2 Sue

    Another fabulous episode! Thanks CAT and Eric.
    Congratulations Christina!

  3. 3 Debbie B

    Great episode Cat! I really love watching these, and just wanted to say how great the video footage of Rhinebeck was, and how it makes me remember how much fun it was to be there, I can’t wait for this year!

  4. 4 Nichole Gabriel

    LOVE Carrie’s sweater! Do we know what pattern that is?

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