lk2g-053 Rhinebeck 2008 Interview with Jonathan Bosworth

In this latest episode of our video podcast from the 2008 NYS Sheep and Wool festival,  we chatted with Jonathan Bosworth creator of the Bosworth Journey Wheel spinning wheel, charkhas and spindles.  Jonathan tells us a bit about how he got started in the spinning business and we see an array of all the spindles which they carry.

What’s on the set:

What I am wearing:

Congratulations to our winners Freddie and Susan Hardy!

Special thanks to Jonathan Bosworth, Potters Craft and  Cath from Knitter Scarlet

6 Responses to “lk2g-053 Rhinebeck 2008 Interview with Jonathan Bosworth”

  1. 1 Susan Hardy

    Hi Cat & Eric,

    Thank you so much for choosing me to win the toe up socks book and stitch markers. You have made a horrible month end in a good one and I can’t wait for my book to come through my door. I am so eager to learn how to knit toe-up socks.

    You make it look so easy on your previous episodes of spinning so I may have to start that soon, once I get my christmas projects done.

    Thanks again,

  2. 2 CaroleNJ/SloKnitR

    I know you are determined to make me a spinner! (Great show!)

  3. 3 Freddie

    Hi Cat & Eric,
    I was so very surprised when I received the email notice. At first I thought there was a mistake. Thank YOU! I have been hedgeing about trying toe-up socks, now I have no excuse. Thank You again.

    Jonathan Bosworth is so knowledgeable about fiber. I would love to hear him give a talk. I really like that table spinner, that almost makes me want to try spinning. Not quite, but close.

    Great episode as usual. Thank you for your hard work.

    Blessings, Freddie

  4. 4 Kathy aka Krafty Kathy

    -Hi Cat –
    Another great show. I check every week for new shows and can’t hardly wait to see what is next.

    My favorite’s are from Rhinebeck. Would love to go there someday. It would be like heaven.

    Send out some more on Rhinebeck. By seeing them, I can just dream I am there.

    PS… Would love to see your coat close up. I would like to make a felted jacket of some kind. But that is when I become a better knitter. Take Care. ~ Krafty Kathy

  5. 5 Freddie

    Hey Cat
    Received my package today. Thank You. The Stiche Markers are even prettier then on the screen. I am reading the book on page 19. I will have to re-read several times before I attempt a toe-up sock. Thank you again for picking me.

    As always your shows are GREE ATE! I really admire what you and Eric are doing.

  6. 6 Ruth

    Thanks for this show. Spinning has always fascinated me (watching, not doing) and it was fun to get some history on spinning wheels and their makers. And keep putting in the outtakes. They are fun!

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