lk2g-054 Knitting Flowers

In this latest episode of our video podcast, we demonstrate techniques for knitting flowers. From roses to lilies, flowers are a great project to knit and use of very little yarn so they can be a great stash buster!

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  • Top down cardigan (my own design based on SpinCraft pattern) completed June 2007 knit from hand spun yarn spun from Miss Lime’s Springtime fiber from episode 12


using Size 7 needles and GGH Soft Kid Mohair (just bits of yarn are fine)
Cast on 88 stitches and work stockinette stitch for 4 rows, ending with a purl row.
On the next row, knit  8, rotate the left needle all the way around counter clockwise, then knit 8 and rotate again
repeat this until the end.
Purl the next row
Then knit 2 together across the entire next row.  You should end up with 44 stitches.
Next, Purl 2 together across the entire next row. You should end up with 22 stitches
Next Knit 2 together across the entire row.  You should end up with 11 stitches.
Clip the yarn around 8 inches and with a tapestry needle, thread it through the 11 stitches.
This creates the base of the flower and closes the petals around the base.
Weave in the ends

Icord Daisy
Use a sport weight or fingering yarn and create a 4 stitch icord about 30 inches. Weave in all the ends
Holding a threaded tapestry needle, fold the cords to create 1” loops and stitch with thread through the middle.
Add a button or bead for the center

Using size 10 double pointed needles, take green worsted weight WOOL yarn cast on four stitches and make a 12 inch icord. Then add 2 inches of yellow or gold icord and tie off the ends.
Now pick up and knit 5 stitches at the last row of green stitches using white or off white wool yarn.  Stockinette stitch back and forth increasing one stitch each side of every row until the piece has 21 stitches.
Then stockinette stitch without increasing for 2 inches.
Next begin decreasing one stitch on each side every other row until there are 13 stitches.
Finally decrease each side on every row until 2 stitches remain. Bind off these 2 stitches and weave in all the ends.
Now throw it in the wash and Felt it.
To dry, hang it upside down and pull on the flower to open up the lily.  Come back a couple of times and reshape until it’s completely dry
Cut a wire hanger to the correct size and carefully thread it into the stem and stame

13 Responses to “lk2g-054 Knitting Flowers”

  1. 1 Steffi

    Great episode!

    I am planning to knit a shawl and decorate it with some crochet flowers…

    LG Steffi

  2. 2 CaroleNJ/SloKnitR

    love the rose! thanks

  3. 3 Leah

    Thanks for the rose tutorial. Knitting flowers has been on my “things to learn list” for awhile. I’m going to make some half-sized roses and put them on a baby bonnet/sunhat. I think it’ll look very pretty.

    You have asked for show suggestions and I would really like to see someone knit entrelac, as I can’t seem to understand the concept from diagrams in books. Also do you have some book suggestions that have a few entrelac pattern options – or maybe some that vary in the teaching method of the stitch. I am a visual learner and seeing someone knit it would help alot.

    Thank you for all the effort you guys put in to making the show its really informative, enjoyable, and helps me feel connected with the knitting world.

  4. 4 Sarah K

    What a wonderful episode! I learned so much. Thank you!

  5. 5 Ruth

    Well, this was fun. I have a young friend (7) who has wanted to make a flower out of yarn…Now I can help her.

  6. 6 Linda W

    Never knew it was that easy! Thanks.

    BTW – wanted to mention something about the video quality…my husband does a ton of video editing, and happened to walk by one day as I was watching one of your podcasts. He was very impressed with the quality of the video, and actually mentioned that the entire podcast was very professionally done. Just wanted to let you know that your effort is very appreciated!

  7. 7 Barbara Fessler

    Another great episode!!!!! I never knew knitting flowers could be so easy. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. 8 Barbara Fessler

    I love your sweater and wish I could see how long it is. I love knitting sweaters from the top down.

  9. 9 Carol

    Hi Cat
    Lovely flowers!! One of my favorite episode 😉
    Thanks a lot.

  10. 10 Dez

    the bloopers at the end are my favorite part of every video you guys do, so adorable! i love to crochet flowers, and now i can knit them too! yay! thank you!

    Dez aka chula

  11. 11 Kristal

    Thanks for showing the rose and giving the pattern. It’s so easy I’ll have to go try it soon.

    I agree with Linda W’s earlier comment about the high quality of your show. (Go Eric!) There are so very few video podcasts out there and yours is by far the best as far as picture quality and smooth editing. That being said, I wish you would do a lot more demonstration shows for us visual learners out there. Rhinebeck is interesting and all, especially since I had never heard of it before, but you are so good at demonstrating new skills that I learn a lot and love to keep learning.

    I’m an American living/working in Egypt. I decided to teach myself how to knit (not easy to do) to give me something to do over here. While on my last trip home, I bought an iPod, discovered your podcast and caught up on all past episodes in one weekend. I have since tried many things you demonstrated such as a wire beaded bracelet. I have a few suggestions about episodes I’d love to see; knitting with plarn, attaching a zipper or magnetic clasp to bags, or maybe about knitting in other countries.

    Keep those episodes coming! (there’s nothing on Egyptian TV!)

  12. 12 Ina

    Thanks for the video on knitting flowers! Great episode!! very timely since I’ve been wanting to make some knitted flowers! :)

  13. 13 Paula Luna

    hi, i really enjoyed your flower episode – do you have different kinds you can post for us? thank you.

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