lk2g-058 Rhinebeck 2008 Leaping Llamas and Rug Hooking

In this latest episode of our video podcast we return to the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival to see the Leaping Llama competition and learn a bit about rug hooking.

What I am wearing:

  • At Rhinebeck:  Noro Coat completed Winter 2005 from Jane Ellison’s Simply Noro made in Noro Kochoran
  • In the chair: Sweater made with cotton Schachenmayr Nomotta Scaletta from Inspiration 75. The pattern is actually designed for long sleeve, however, I made it with short sleeves. Completed Spring 2006.

What’s on the set:

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7 Responses to “lk2g-058 Rhinebeck 2008 Leaping Llamas and Rug Hooking”

  1. 1 Nathalie

    Another wonderful episode! Who knew that llamas could jump? Move over sheep! I’m countin’ alpalcas tonight! I ESPECIALLY enjoyed the rug hooking stuff. I inherited my grandmother’s hook and someday soon will get a rug done.

  2. 2 Dora Levitt

    Wow Cat~ how adorable! I sat here and laughed and applauded with the audience, it definitly woke my sleepy brain up~ LOL!;D
    I really loved the rug hooking demos, now I have a new objective in what to look for at Rhinebeck!
    As always, thanks so much for yours and Eric’s hard work, fleecy huggys, and hope to see you at Rhinebeck~ Dora :)

  3. 3 CaroleNJ/SloKnitR

    loved the llamas! I’ll have to make sure to see that event this year – it’s coming up so soon. I hope to see you at the meet up. I am still plugging away on the cardi, but it doesn’t look promising. Thanks for another great episode.

  4. 4 Adrienne

    Great episode! That rug tufting seems to be a variant of needlepunch embroidery. Her tool uses a larger yarn/thread than needlepunch and its a mechanized/faster for getting larger areas completed quicker. Pretty cool!

  5. 5 Susan Hardy

    Hi Cat & Eric,

    I loved this episode, it made me smile and go all soppy when he kissed his llama and its ears went right back. So cute!

  6. 6 Betsy

    I loved the llama’s jumping with their owners. It’s obvious there is affection between the two. It seemed that some of the people could actually “talk” their llama’s into jumping! Thanks for the smile.

  7. 7 Paula

    hi Cat! I just signed up for a Bus departing from Brooklyn NY to Rhinebeck with my friend for sat oct 17th! I am so excited it’s my first rhinebeck experience! my friend and are in fashion and we are both doing all knit collection. I would love to show you pictures when we meet on saturday. I hope I don’t say really stupid things since I will be really star-strucked.. would you know if the rhinebeck festival is pet-friendly? I would love to bring my dog..

    see you very soon

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