lk2g-059 Rhinebeck 2008 Garment Competition

This episode of our video podcast is the last from the 2008 NY State Sheep and Wool Festival.  We review some of the winners in the Garment Competition and enjoy the sites at the festival.

What you’ll see in this episode:

What I am wearing:

Thanks to Diane (Knitmydream) for her interview. Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag by Madeline Langan

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If you’re submitting for this year’s skein and garment competition be sure to get your entries in before 1pm Friday 10/16!

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114 Responses to “lk2g-059 Rhinebeck 2008 Garment Competition”

  1. 1 Heather

    No I have not submitted anything in a competition YET!! I do not feel I am good enough to be placed up against some of the beautiful things I have seen in competitions. My knitting has too many mistakes. I have yet to make 1 knitted project without any mistakes. Oh well, one day….maybe. Keep up the great work, I love when a new podcast comes out.

  2. 2 Giny

    I have never submitted anything in a competition yet. I think here in the Netherlands there are not that much opportunities (spelled that one wrong for sure!) for entering a contest. In the USA there are so much more fibre festivals etc.

  3. 3 JuliaB

    I haven’t entered any of my knitting because my pieces are not good enough. Maybe in a year or two, I will take the plunge.

  4. 4 Darlene

    Hey Cat, I love your video podcast…I feel like I am at the festivals with you! I have never entered a knit idea into a festival because I have never had a festival to enter… maybe someday! The yarn at Yarn Market looks so beautiful and to see that the colors show up so nice on the computer…I need to place an order soon!
    Thanks again Cat for all your wonderful videos!
    The bloopers at the end are a hoot!!

    Peace and Blessings
    Darlene in PEI

  5. 5 Nina

    Hi Cat,

    Thanks for the Rhinebeck series. I’m hoping someday to actually make it there.

    I have never entered a competition because I am too anxious to wear the stuff I make and I am too slow to finish things.


  6. 6 Hitekhomeless (jenn)

    I have been really enjoying your pod casts. You’re keeping me company while my fingers are busy on this impromptu hat that I have been working on.

    I haven’t entered a competition because everything that I have made thus far has been spoken for. In fact, I am about 6 projects behind on requests. I’m also pretty new and am still trying to figure it all out before I put it all out for the world to judge.

    Thanks again for keeping me company. Its great to knit2gether.

  7. 7 deb

    i’ve never submitted anything … mainly b/c i don’t do any reasearch on the shows/festivalsi go to to know that there is a competition and when i do find out, it’s too late.

    Thanks CAT and eric for your podcast. Love it.

  8. 8 Julie

    Two years ago I entered knitted wire napkin rings (knitted with copper wire and green glass beads) and two wool scarves in our state fair and won 2nd prize for the napkin rings and honorable mention for the scarves. I did it because in years past, the fair had a lot of crochet entries, and some skeins of handspun yarn, but not enough knitted entries to even give a ribbon to 1st through 4th place in each category! I am not a particularly talented knitter and the scarves I sent were not even my best work, but I entered them anyway. I felt that letting the fair attendees see other needlecrafts besides crochet and quilting and cross stitch was a good idea. The needlecraft competition exhibits are housed in a huge building at this fair and are always artfully displayed. The building gets a lot of traffic over the 10 days of the fair and I wanted people to see knitted items too! I wanted people to say, “Hey I could do that” For all you folks who have commented about your lack of confidence in your skills, please reconsider. Not every fair or festival is a Rhinebeck and I think the judges at my state’s fair would be happy to see a lot of entries, no matter what the quality. There’s no fun in earning a blue ribbon when there is no other competition! And I don’t know about other places, but I won $$$ for my ribbons too!

  9. 9 Linda Suppan

    Entered my very first knitted items this year in my local county fair. A pair of socks (blue moon sock yarn, pattern from second Mason Dixion book) and my 25th anniversary shawl, so named because I cast-on on the eve of my 25th wedding anniversary! Shawl was the baby cap shawl from Victorian Lace.

    I won a blue for the socks and a red for the shawl!

    Even more surprising, there was cash for each ribbon! blue $6, red $4…. so $10 grand whopping dollars!!! I considered it a free lunch!

    I was pleasently surprised and pleased!

  10. 10 Raul Flores

    I love to try to do a project and use it to a competition

  11. 11 Becky Bair

    I haven’t submitted anything in for a contest before. I had thought of submitting it at the county fair but keep forgetting when the time comes to do it.

  12. 12 CAT

    Thanks everyone who commented on entering competitions. It was great to hear your reasons for entering and not entering.

    Our winner is Lauren Thompson, LaureateKnits on Ravelry!

  13. 13 Petite Tops ·

    roller skating is a very enjoying sports and past time too ‘

  14. 14 Guy Wroblewski

    Hello, I just clicked through from Yahoo and would just like to say I love the site! Keep up the good work :)

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