lk2g-061 Alaska is for Knitters – Fairbanks

In this latest episode we take a trip to Alaska on a quest for Qiviut. Our first stop is in Fairbanks where we chat with the Fairbanks Fiberistas.

What am I wearing:

Special thanks to Patti (Patsand) for inviting us and driving us to the meetup.

Thanks also to Monica (Snowmagnolia) and Ginny (Gin) for their interviews and everyone at the Fairbanks Fiberistas group for making us feel welcome!

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14 Responses to “lk2g-061 Alaska is for Knitters – Fairbanks”

  1. 1 susan hardy

    I want to go to Alaska!!

  2. 2 Nathalie Casey

    THAT was sooooo NEAT!

  3. 3 Nathalie Casey

    Oh, and Happy Anniversary!!

  4. 4 Jackie

    I got back into knitting when I moved to Anchorage 10 years ago. I have since moved, but AK was a great place to knit!

  5. 5 Johanna K

    Happy 20th Anniversary!! What an amazing, beautiful place to vacation! What will you make with the Quiviut (did I spell that correctly)?

  6. 6 Giovonnia Vaughan

    Happy Anniversary Eric and Cat!

    I love this podcast. It was so nice to see just how far knitting has come in the US. I hope you make something great out of your new yarn. Whenever I travel I go to knitting stores also. This drives my boyfriend crazy. He doesn’t understand why yarn and knitting excites me. He says whenever I go off knitting, he feels like a knitting widower! Can Eric offer John some advice on what it’s like to be partner of a knitting diva? Recently my latest knitting adventure is loom knitting. I found out about through a book that my sister gave me. Do you do any loom knitting, Cat? Thanks again for the podcasts.

  7. 7 kelly olguin

    soooo envious of the quiviut! Haven’t ever got the chance to touch some but have heard everything good:o) Wish so much you and your husband could do a weekly show. Love your program so much! Happy Anniversary (belated). I will celebrate 31 yrs. next month. Anyhow good show and thank you!

  8. 8 Erik Bohlin

    I love your guys’ show. I am a new knitter about 3 months old. It is so fun and relaxing and watching your episodes over and over really are neat. There is something magical in how you both interact. I love the bloopers. I am a counselor and my wife is the one who takes the videos of me for my website. Congratulations on you 20th. You guys look so young to be married so long.

    Erik Bohlin

  9. 9 Ben H.

    just a quick note to say how much i love your show. you two are awesome. i’ve almost caught up watching all the previous episodes. i think im going to go to my favorite yarn store spend way to much on yarn and watch a letsknit2gether marathon this thanks soo much. congrats on the anniversary.

  10. 10 Ruth

    Great show — I’d like to see some of that Qivuit, and am also interested to see what you will knit with it. I like the neckwarmer I saw on the website of one of the vendors who sell qivuit.
    I’m assuming with the interesting spelling, it must be an Eskimo Indian word.

  11. 11 Lisa

    Great show

  12. 12 Erika B

    I have in-laws in Alaska. You just made me want to go visit! (Maybe I can hint at some qiviut for christmas?!) Can’t wait to see your next episode!

  13. 13 michael

    hey guys!
    that was so much fun! thanks for bringing us along!
    Cat you have to check out Arctic Lace (if you haven’t already)…all Qiviut…wonderful book of patterns and history about the co-op that helped make this yarn famous
    thanks again and congrats!

  14. 14 chad

    I know you must get this a lot, but you guys do great work, we recently started a knitting group at the University of Massachusetts Boston and we will definitely love to tell people about the show! thanks for all the work you guys do to bring knitting back to the limelight,

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