lk2g-078 Eunny Jang Interview

In this latest episode of our web video series, we chat with Eunny Jang, editor of Interweave Knits Magazine.

Eunny talks with us about how she started knitting, blogging and how she became editor of Interweave Knits.  She then walks us through the  Fall 2010 issue of Interweave Knits and what other knitty things that are coming out of Interweave Press.

What’s on the set:

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10 Responses to “lk2g-078 Eunny Jang Interview”

  1. 1 Susan Hardy

    What luck was that, I just finished watching Episode 77 and as it finished, episode 78 popped up. I often watch Eunny on youtube and I only wish I could get Interweave Knits in the UK. Some people have all the luck in getting jobs with yarn, I would love to have that opportunity. Great episode guys and looking forward to tonights live show. By the way Cat, you definetely have to put your kal up for a competition its too good to just have as a ‘project’. See ya all tonight.

  2. 2 Annika

    Great episode – as usual :-)
    I love to wake up in the morning and checking FaceBook on my iPhone and find out that there is a new episode of Letsknit2gether and then just watch it directly before even getting out of bed. It made my day!:-)

  3. 3 Annika

    … And yes – I think you should enter the sweater at Steinbeck this year!

  4. 4 Annika

    Oops… I mean Rhinebeck.

  5. 5 Nicole

    Go for it Cat, enter your sweater at Rhinebeck.

  6. 6 Adrienne

    I loved this episode. Eunny Jang is very inspiring. Your sweater is gorgeous and yes you should so enter it in Rhinebeck this year. I was actually hoping to make it there this year but as always something has come up. A baby shower for my daughter and family visiting. I will be on edge to know the results.!!

  7. 7 Erica, Casselberry, FL

    Hi CAT & eric, Great show. I wathced it via BlipTV on Roku. It’s always a happy surprise to see a new episode. I really enjoyed Eunny’s interview. Such great insight into knitting and the magazine. Very thoughtful, brilliant woman, that Eunny. Thanks for the interview. Looking fwd to seeing your Rhinebeck entry. Go, CAT, go!

  8. 8 Freddie

    Cat & Eric,
    Great show as always. Love the shows coming quicker, just love it!
    Duh! of course you should submit your KAL.

  9. 9 Joey Quinton

    Cat and Eric, thanks so much for the interview. Interweave Knits is my most favorite knitting magazine.

  10. 10 Celeste

    Saw this episode and immediately walked to Borders to get the issue with the sweater coat in it. You will be mine! :)

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