lk2g-080 Lily Chin Interview

In this latest episode of our video web series, we chat with Lily Chin, knitting and crochet author, designer,  and teacher.  Lily talks about her latest book and her upcoming Cruises.

What’s on the set:

What I am wearing:

  • Sweater made with cotton Schachenmayr Nomotta Scaletta from Inspiration 75. The pattern is actually designed for long sleeve, however, I made it with short sleeves. Completed Spring 2006

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85 Responses to “lk2g-080 Lily Chin Interview”

  1. 1 Rosa

    I’m not terribly experienced with cable knitting, but my favorite project has been Koolhaas- hands down. Easy, small, and very fun to knit. I’m actually looking for an excuse to knit another one.

    I’ve really enjoyed this series of interviews. Very informative and inspiring.

  2. 2 StacieB.

    The next cabled project I’d like to knit is the Dickinson Pullover from IK Fall 2007 (I think), but I’m hesitant to knit cables in bulky. Hoping to find a suitable worsted substitute.

  3. 3 Coral H

    I would really love to make that beautiful coat from Lily Chin’s book. I am also planning on making Durrow for my husband and myself. I have the Rivulet scarf on the needles for my MIL. There is a WEBS pattern called Soft Cable Throw that I plan to make one day. Oh, yes, and there is the Blackberry Cabled Cardigan… and that doesn’t even mention all of the cabled projects I have made to date. There is much love for cables here.

  4. 4 Therese Archer

    My favorite cable project was the EZ Aran Fisherman’s Sweater I did for my DH last year. I have also just finished the Hermiones Eyelet and Cable Hat–eyelet-hat and a pair of cabled fingerless gloves And now I am looking at another cabled hat for my DH for winter. Knit on!

  5. 5 Lou Harrington

    I’ve just discovered your website and watched every show I could into the wee hours of the morning. I love your show.

    I’m new to knitting and recently made a set of baby socks that were cabled. I didn’t realize how easy they were. I’m thinking of making the fingerless gloves you had on one of your holiday gift shows, next.

  6. 6 Debbie aka (fiberfriend)

    Thanks To all who make lk2g possible!
    I would be on my highest creative cloud ever if I owned this book.
    My favorite and only cabled project that I’ve knitted is “Eliana’s Smocked Jacket”.
    Designed by Debbie Bliss. It is the most gorgeous little girls jacket ever!
    But now I’m excited to design my own…Thanks Lily Chin for your new book :)

  7. 7 WillyG

    Yeah, Cat, the sweater, not the guy. 😉

    I think my favorite cable project was designing my own sweater vest. On the back, some of the ribs twist into a knot out of nowhere. It was a first attempt at ‘designing,’ and that a bit off the cuff, but it was still fun to do. In the process, I also learned that you can fix a cable after the fact without ripping everything back! Totally worth it.

  8. 8 anika ( ravelryname rudegirl72)

    Okay Cat you can take the sweater, I take the guy 😉
    First sorry for my bad english.
    my best experiance with cables was also my first project knitting since I was a child.
    My husband was born in Scheveningen in the Netherlands, so I want to make a real fishermen sweater with a patern from Scheveningen. the sweater was on a 2.5 mm needles and took more than a year to finish. the collar was rubbish, but my husband loves it and still ( after 8 years) wear it with pride.

  9. 9 Monique Groom

    I’m really enjoying all your knitting celebrity interviews. Great inspirations for both design and techniques.

    My absolute favourite cable pattern is Silver Belle from the Vogue 25th anniversary issue. I have it queued and the Debbie Bliss yarn required in my stash in a yummy dusty plum colour. I plan on finally starting on it this winter the second I see the first flake of snow.

    The last time I had made a cable sweater was back in the mid 80’s. I had made matching cable aran sweaters for myself and my hubby. I was very proud of myself but more so when a few weeks later I was wearing mine at a local mall and was stopped by an Irish woman who had asked if I had bought it in her homeland. When I told her I had made it she couldn’t say enough encouraging things. I still have our sweaters stored away.

  10. 10 Mary

    I loved this interview with Lily Chin–what a talented lady she is! My favorite cable project was my first. While in high school, my boyfriend’s mother was making a cabled baby bunting for a new grandchild. I loved it and asked if she would teach me to knit and help me make one for my sister, who was pregnant (I knew how to knit but had never knit a garment before). Forty years later, I still have that beautiful little bunting and bonnet–it was used by four nieces and nephews and both of my children. When I look at it now, I’m amazed I was able to do work that was so complicated–Alan’s mother was a very talented women and a great teacher.

  11. 11 Nina Saulic

    My favorite cable pattern is in the Knitter’s Aran & Cables compilation book. I believe it is by Nancy Bush. Unfortunately, I don’t have it here to check.

    Nice interview with Lily. Thanks.

  12. 12 Jennifer Lefaver

    I loved the interview with Lily Chin, she is so lively and cute! I loved the red sweater with the mock icord cables running through it, I would wear it everywhere! My 1st project with cables I would like to knit is the “Central Park Hoodie” that I ordered online from I think I will end up making a few in different colors because it just looks so casual yet elegant and wearable day or night. Keep up the awesome Vlogging! We need you Kat!

  13. 13 Jennifer Lefaver


  14. 14 Jack

    Hi Cat, great episode as usual. My only project with cables has been a scarf. I love the look of it and I really enjoyed making it. There will be more cables on my needles for sure!

  15. 15 Trish (tgknits)

    I guess my favorite would have to be the owlet sweater I made my daughter. It was my first sweater and it was fun to see the cables and neck take shape.

  16. 16 Karen

    My favorite cable project I knit when my daughter was in elementary school (she’s in college now). I wanted her to have a traditional Aran style sweater so I bought the Yankee Knitter pattern and some ecru yarn and cast on. I wasn’t able to read my knitting at the time and had to write down every stitch so that I could keep my place in the pattern. When it was completed I had learned so much I felt like a real knitter.

  17. 17 Susanbar

    Thanks for another great show, and please enter me in the drawing. I just finished the cabled “princess mitts” (aka Cabled Fingerless Mitts) originally published in the Knitters Book of Yarn. They use a cable called “four rib braid”. I love how they came out. And I love cables. They look so much more difficult than they really are!

  18. 18 Jamie

    I LOVE cables! they are my go to when I’m bored with a commission piece! Right now I’m working on a random cable blanket for my older sister…..she hates knitting cables so I thought it would be appropriate to have them going crazy all over a nice warm blankie!

  19. 19 Pam Scoville

    Nice interview with Lily Chin and please enter me in the drawing for her book. It looks like fun – especially that mustard coat!

    My favourite cable project, well there are two:

    Both made years ago, and worn every winter.

  20. 20 Verena B

    One of my favourite things I did with cables are Bellas mittens from the movie Twilight. It is also the project that got me knitting again. I loved the mittens when I watched the movie and wanted some of my own. I searched high and low and finally found the originals, but they where about 80$ a pair. Absolutely not in my price range. So I looked for a pattern, bought some yarn and started knitting. I love them and lots of my friends really liked them, too, and I knitted a few more for them since.

  21. 21 Diane

    My favorite cabled project to date was Wendy D. Johnson’s Highland Fling socks. I love cables! In fact, my first knitting project ever was a little cabled bag from a learn-to-knit kit.

  22. 22 Tracy

    My favorite cabled project was my Cardigan for Arwen, but my first cabled project was a reversible cabled scarf. I had no idea at the time that it was in any way more challenging than a normal project with cables. I loved how complicated it looked with the cable needle, and even though most knitters I know are moving away from the cable needle, I still enjoy using it. I hope to knit a cabled bag in the near future.

  23. 23 Laura M.

    I plan on making some kind if cabled sweater. Maybe one with tiny little cables. I still have yet to find the perfect pattern.

  24. 24 Jean

    I enjoyed the Lily Chin interview. Thanks, Cat. I have many favorite cable projects but if I had to pick one, it would be the Eye of the Helix Socks by Cynthia Levy. Here’s the link to my project in Ravelry:

  25. 25 Poppie

    my favorite cable project i have done is lion brand’s cable ready bag

  26. 26 Marce

    Oh Cat, I had such a giggle along with you on this episode. So funny!!!! You and Eric are a treat.

    Also – I’m a HUGE Lily Chin fan. She taught reversible cables at my LYS several years ago, and it’s still one of the best classes I have attended.

    My favorite cable project so far was the Veste Evereste I made, a pattern by Veronik Avery. It’s in my Ravelry projects at

    Great show as always!

  27. 27 Audrey M

    Hi Cat!

    First of all thank you and Eric for bringing us such quality in your video podcast! You have interviewed such high profiled designers in a way I probably would not have otherwise experienced. I have challenged a cable stitch block in a sampler afghan (I am still working on)I have fell in love with this stitch. It brings such detail and texture to any project! Hats off to you and Eric and as we say it in Savannah GA…Y’all keep up the good work!

  28. 28 wooliegirl

    I am new to cables and very intimidated by them, but I have attempted and succeeded with a simple cabled purse pattern. I have made several with recycled bulky yarn (from sweaters) and love the way it turns out! Someday I will be bold and branch out to more sophisticated cable patterns…but now, baby steps!

  29. 29 Melanie

    One of my favorite cable patterns that I have knit was one that the Yarn Harlot talked about a few years back. Its a Patons pattern called Must have cardigan. What made it so fun or crazy is I decided to knit it in black. I did this becuase I figure some day I will want a black sweater and I thought I better do it while I can still see to do it. I love how it turned out and I wear it all the time

  30. 30 DeniseCT

    Loved the show with Lily Chin. I had heard about the technique but had not seen any items knit using it. Enjoyed the detailed, close ups of the items.
    Love the out-takes…keep them coming. We all need to learn to laugh at ourselves more often.

  31. 31 Carrie

    Thanks for the interview! I too am still intimidated by cables, but I look forward to learning more about them, and someday (hopefully soon) being able to knit myself a cabled scarf! :)

  32. 32 Lizbeth Davern

    My favorite cable pattern is actually one of Lilly Chin’s. its the reversible cable scarf. It was the first time I tried cables and thought she was so clever to make them reversible.

    I really enjoy all the interviews, thank you so much!

  33. 33 Mioshee

    My faveorite cables have been the ones on the Central Park Hoodie. I cant wait to knit another version of this sweater for fall. I’d better get started!

  34. 34 Rebecca

    Thanks for the interviews I can watch while knitting. My next cable dream project is an allover cabled pullover for my mother to make up for borrowing hers so many times. She has worn my other (ugly) sweater attempts and designs but really deserves a cabled masterpiece. In this upcoming project, I will have to tackle/battle color choice, shaping to flatter hers, and startitis, and challenges to concentration (namely, her grandchildren who continue to live in my house and eat up my food and knitting time).

  35. 35 CAT

    Thanks everyone for your great comments!

    The winner of Lily’s book is: Megan!

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