lk2g-084 Louisa Harding Interview

In this latest episode of our web video series, we chat with Louisa Harding, knitwear and yarn designer.

On the Set:

What am I wearing:

Check out the knitted Fluid Sculpture video on Vimeo and more info on The Fluid Dress

Special thanks to Louisa Harding and Jeff Denecke of Knitting Fever US distributor of Louisa Harding yarns and books.

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4 Responses to “lk2g-084 Louisa Harding Interview”

  1. 1 Helena

    that was an interesting episode. i love some of the garments you looked at. I loved The Show. Ze Frank is awesome. i’ll have to see what he’s doing on the net these days.

  2. 2 Dora Levitt

    Wow~ what an awesome inyerview! Louisa is such an interesting woman, I wanted to listen to her tell more about her work, and her designs and knitwear talents are just amazing! So are your knitted work as always Cat! LOL! Fleecy Huggys~ Dora :)

  3. 3 Ann

    Great interview and so many knittable projects! I am particularly interested in the brown cardigan with the feather and fan lace collar and edging. Do you know which book this pattern is in? I would love to order some yarn from Yarn Market to knit that up! Thanks for your help.

  4. 4 Robyn

    I am very interested in knitting the cardigan that you first discussed with Louisa, where there was lace on the bottom, sleeves and created a collar. She said she knit that all in one piece and used the feather and fan pattern. Any chance you know the name of that pattern?

    Thanks much and love your show. And I will remember to let know that I buy some of their yarns based on your recommendation

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