lk2g-087 Rhinebeck 2010 Extras

In this episode of our knitting web video series, we continued our adventure at the 2010 NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY.

This episode contains all the amazing stuff which we couldn’t get into the first episode.

What you’ll see in this episode:

  • Holiday Inn Knit-in
  • Pumpkin Chunking
  • a Jayne Hat
  • Ravelry Meetup
  • Leaping Llamas
  • lots of great yarniness

Book Review and books on set:

Cowls mentioned:

What am I wearing:

  • Ishbel shawlette by Ysolda knitted with Tili Thomas Beaded Plie American Beauty

Special thanks to Sara Healy!

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63 Responses to “lk2g-087 Rhinebeck 2010 Extras”

  1. 1 Debbi

    My dad is impossible to knit for. He doesn’t like wearing hats or scarves, and he’s very particular about everything. I have yet to make him something.

  2. 2 Tallguy

    A lot of people are difficult to knit for. Mainly because they don’t know the difference between anything I could knit for them and commercial machine-made items.

    But my mother is not easy at all. She does appreciate anything I make for her, that is true, but she never gives me any idea of colour, or design, or what she would like. She leaves it all to me: “Anything would be nice” — and of course, determining what to make for her is the hardest thing of all. Once I have chosen an item, the rest is easy enough. I wish I would have been able to give her more things earlier in her life.

  3. 3 Tyler B

    My Grandmother, its hard to get the right type of yarn for her sensitive skin.

  4. 4 chppie

    Most of my family is difficult because they are picky and we live in an area that doesn’t get super-cold. My mother-in-law is the easiest to knit for because she appreciates the thought.

  5. 5 Lizbeth Davern

    Sadly, my husband is the hardest to knit for. He appreciates my knitting, the effort and the love but he is hot in sweaters, only likes a specific brand of socks and already has two hats i knitted him. So he never feels like there’s any knitted item he would want to have. He does wear the hats i’ve made him and he enjoys wearing them.

    My Mom is the easiest too. She loves lace.

  6. 6 elizaduckie

    My oldest daughter — even as a child she was persnickety: Only *dresses* mommy! As an adult she’s still particular and picky about her clothes. Whatever I knit has to be in the perfect color, be the perfect pattern and end up fitting perfectly…and we all know that’s not a given. However she doesn’t have time to look after her clothes perfectly and that ensures it’s own set of problems. So, I knit for her daughter who, at 5 1/2, is by far easier to please! 😀

  7. 7 Kristine

    Definitely my husband! He is very supportive of my knitting, however, he doesn’t wear hats, scarves, or sweaters…ever. Nope…he wears work gloves, not knitted mittens. Socks? Athletic socks only…almost never wears dress shoes. But I’ve got a secret project in the works for next year–an afghan! Yep, my hubby loves sitting under an afghan while watching TV. I’ve been knitting for 3 years…everyone has gotten something from me…except him. Next year for sure!

    PS: Still loving the show. Thank you so much!

  8. 8 Wilma

    It would be my grandson. Tried socks -he thought they were to thick for his shoes and feet! Yet this great little guy loves yarn and the feel -so he enjoys the balls I make -until I use them to knit something up for someone else.

  9. 9 Savannagal

    That’s an easy question. My husband. He won’t wear sweaters of any kind, won’t wear another other hat than his “special” fleece one, won’t wear a scarf, or mittens/gloves other than his ski gloves, and he has zero interest in knitted socks. I was thinking about making golf club covers until I read somewhere that men really don’t want knitted golf club covers. I’ve just given up hope and spend my time making things for others. That makes him happy. Thanks for the contest. Happy holidays!

  10. 10 Jean

    I loved the pumpkin pitching contest! Great podcast! The hardest people to knit for are everyone but myself because it’s harder to try things on other people.

  11. 11 Lisa

    My son is the hardest to knit for because he refuses to wear anything that may be remotely warm. Although he must have gotten cold this hunting season because he requested one of those neck things (cowl) for next year……teenagers!

  12. 12 jacob

    hardest? all of my family members are picky i would have to say mom is hardest. i had to remake her shawl 3 times for it to be just right

  13. 13 CAT

    Thank you all for sharing who’s difficult to knit for in your life. The winner of the contest is Lisa Smith!

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