lk2g-087 Rhinebeck 2010 Extras

In this episode of our knitting web video series, we continued our adventure at the 2010 NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY.

This episode contains all the amazing stuff which we couldn’t get into the first episode.

What you’ll see in this episode:

  • Holiday Inn Knit-in
  • Pumpkin Chunking
  • a Jayne Hat
  • Ravelry Meetup
  • Leaping Llamas
  • lots of great yarniness

Book Review and books on set:

Cowls mentioned:

What am I wearing:

  • Ishbel shawlette by Ysolda knitted with Tili Thomas Beaded Plie American Beauty

Special thanks to Sara Healy!

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63 Responses to “lk2g-087 Rhinebeck 2010 Extras”

  1. 1 Michael Shepherd

    My grandfather is the most difficult person to knit for because I can never find the right colour yarn to suite him.

  2. 2 Nancy

    Hey that was me! And you know something,, I didnt see you! One of the other ladies and I ran fast to grab dinner at the pizza place up front. We did have a nice big crowd on Friday night that lasted til about midnight!

    Its simply the best place to be on a Friday night in Kingston, during Sheep and Wool weekend!

  3. 3 Nancy

    PS My hubby is the hardest to knit for. He’s bald, and doesnt want to wear hats. Claims gloves/mittens just get in the way for him. If I ask him about making him a sweater, he doesnt like anything that I show him. Extremely difficult to do anything for him.

    PPS Your hair looked great!

  4. 4 Paul Cessna

    The hardest person to knit for is my sister because, because anything I knit her gets put away because it is so precious. Then I never see it again. I want what I knit to be used.

  5. 5 Rebecca

    My son is the most difficult to knit for. He’s very one-dimensional in color preference, and isn’t into “pattern”; likes everything pretty plain.

  6. 6 Lee

    GREAT show — leaping lamas made me laugh out loud.

    This week’s question was a tough one. I have to say my hubby because the socks I’m knitting for him (white wool) are a size 13EE (also known as endless knitting, also known as needing two skeins of sock yarn when one would normally do). I’ve been telling people that if these socks were made in larger stitches, these things would be large enough to be a football field cozy.

    Good news: I’m only about 10 rows away from grafting the second sock. Whoo-hoo!

    Thanks for another great show.

    Warmest wishes and Happy Holidays,

  7. 7 Dana

    My Mom is the hardest person for me to knit for since she only tells me about things that she likes but would never wear. “I love this sweater but it wouldn’t work on me it would be too clingy.” She’s funny. My husband is a close second since there are very few knit items he likes. He once told me he liked knitwear but not what I made. He meant that he doesn’t really like knitwear but would wear what I made since I was the one who made it. It made me laugh and he felt really bad.

  8. 8 Patti

    Loved this episode!One of these years, I’m going to make the trek up there from down south in GA. This Christmas, the hardest person to knit for is probably my eldest son. He doesn’t really wear hats or scarves, which is what I make for most of the rest of the family. I think it’s a lot easier to knit for the girls who can and will wear most anything I make them. Perhaps I’ll be inspired and think of something for him while I’m watching and listening to videoblogs and podcasts tonight. Keep your fingers crossed!


  9. 9 Cathleen

    I’m not sure if this will count but the truth is the most difficult person to knit for in my family is myself. I can’t decide on what to knit and if I do I can’t decide on the yarn. I have a couple of small purses and a scarf. It’s actually really sad because my head and hands are so cold. But if I showed up anywhere with a store bought hat my family wouldn’t let me hear the end of it because they know I knit. It’s just there are so many wonderful choices, I can’t decide.

  10. 10 Dora Levitt

    I’d have to say that my daughter would be the hardest, as her tastes always change {she’s 20 ~ need I say more??? LOL!} When I had hand spun my first Merino/mohair yarn {dark charcoal grey blended with purple mohair}, I was going to knit a hat with her initials in Viking runs {sp?}, the runs was going to be purple hand spun Merino blended with purple angelina~ which looked like purple stars! Anyway, it looks like an awesome book, I’d love to add it to my library, great vid as always, and a very blessed Christmas to you, Eric and your families! Fleecy holiday huggys! :)

  11. 11 Elsi

    the hardest to knit for is my nephew, not because he’s so picky (well not yet, he is 7 month), but because there seems to be a billion wonderfull and lovely patterns and I can never choose what to knit next :)

    Thanks for the show, it was as brilliant as always :)

    Elsi :)

  12. 12 Giovonnia Vaughan

    My sister is so hard to knit for. She’s so picky about everything. but I enjoy making stuff for her anyway. My mom is the easiest. She loves anything I make. One year I made her a shawl. I made an afghan for my brother but I don’t think he liked it very much. But for my older brother I made a slip stitich scarf using the brick pattern.

    Thanks for the podcast.

    Happy Holidays!

  13. 13 Rachel Ringdahl

    My older brother is the hardest to knit for. He lives in Arizona and doesn’t really feel the need to use smaller projects like gloves, mittens or hats. It’s also hard to knit for my mother since she tend to knit any thing she wants herself!

  14. 14 Rachel Pedriani

    My sister is the most difficult person to knit for because she never seems to like anything I make.

  15. 15 Barb Rickman

    I am the most difficult person to knit for because I have such a hard time deciding what I want!! A shawl, socks, cowl, sweater! I can NEVER decide!!

  16. 16 Jessica

    My husband- he is very particular about what he will wear!

  17. 17 Marcia Ells

    My Mother, she never likes homemade things, and doesn’t feel bad about letting you know that you could have done better. Sigh…

  18. 18 Scottie Santiago

    My husband. I have him thinking of fingerless gloves, but he is just so particular. I think he will come to the side of reason soon! (I get such a kick out of the leaping lamas @ Reinbeck, thanks for always including them)

  19. 19 Jasmine

    My teen nephews would be the most difficult to knit for. After all, they want something awesome that everyone else would also would like, just like other teens are. Perhaps the closest thing that I would knit for them would be a ski cap. Then again, if they don’t like it, they won’t be caught wearing it.

    By the way, what type of floor lamp were you using when you knitted that aran sweater for the contest in Rhinebeck? I’m looking for a good reliable one since my eyes are now beginning to strain.

  20. 20 Annette

    The hardest person to knit for is one of my friends, she is the only person that ever wanted to give back a baby sweater that I knitted. Now I’m a little more cautious to knit for her.

  21. 21 Rachel C.

    thats easy.. my cat is the hardest to knit for!! Because every time i try to knit him something, he wants to play with the yarn.

  22. 22 Pam bagley

    My older brother Bill is the hardest person to knit for. He is the only person I know that doesn’t appreciate a hand knitted item. Hey, gotta love TIVO they suggested your webcast. This is the first episode I watched

  23. 23 Laura

    Oh gosh, My brothers. You ask them what they want (About anything if it’s knitting or not) and they’re response every time is “I don’t care” or “I dunno”
    Thanks for your great videos!
    Merry Christmas!!

  24. 24 Terri

    My husband is the hardest person for me to knit for. I think it’s because he was the victim of some of my very early disasters. The cap I made for him was too small; we ended up giving it to a charity that could give it to a young boy. The socks I made for him (my first socks ever) won’t stay up, so he never wears them. So now, if I suggest knitting something for him, he says, “No, that’s OK.” *sigh*

    I loved the leaping llamas in this episode! So adorable!

  25. 25 Cindy

    My husband because he says he’s warm-blooded. But he’s really just a sweatshirt kinda guy. Someday I will make him a pair of socks and I bet he’ll be hooked

  26. 26 Tracy

    My father because he’s very picky about what he wears, even in the dead of a Maryland winter. He has very wide boat feet and never seems to wear a scarf!

  27. 27 Alicia (KnottyKnitter17)

    Hmmm, I am going to have to say my brother is the hardest to knit for. He is a BIG guy and very particular. So whatever I knit is a committed item of very boring colors! I have been knitting around the clock lately for the holidays. Hopefully I can get it all done before the Christmas deadline.

    I have to say, I love love love your show. I have caught up with every episode since I found you!

  28. 28 Eileen

    My daughter is the hardest person to knit for because she is so picky about every aspect of what she wears: how it feels, the color (right down to the specific shade) and don’t get me started about trying to get her to pick a pattern 😉

    That said, I love to knit for all my family–even my sweet picky girl. Okay enough of this fun, back to the Christmas knitting. Thanks for another great episode!

  29. 29 ANN MITTON aka realmessy

    My daughter-in-law Krista is hardest to knit for – she is a very picky person when it comes to fashion. I have solved this problem by asking her to cruise around Ravelry and chose things she would like to wear. Last year she chose the Fireside Cardigan and she always appreciates socks.

    Love your pod cast, please don’t stop.

  30. 30 Tina

    I am the most difficult person to knit for because I am always knitting for other people. I have the longest list of items I would love to make for myself, but somehow I am always knitting a gift for someone else!!

  31. 31 Vicky

    IT IS MY HUSBAND!!!!he doesn’t like anything i make him,he is nice and said thank u and thats nice, but NEVER wears anything even when its cold out.i have stoped making him things.sad…..
    I love,love that shawl in red its breathtaking.i may do make that tunic its lovly.

  32. 32 marina

    i just found your website, its great to see videos of rhinebeck since i couldn’t make it. i think the hardest person to knit for is my father b/c he was spoiled by his mother who knit him vests and sweaters aplenty. its a hard standard to knit up to :)

  33. 33 Elizabeth GM

    My 6yo son is the hardest person in my life to knit for. He used to wear my hand-knits — even brightly colored ones — with great alacrity. Now he’s far too concerned about what the other kids are wearing: “NOBODY wears sweaters, Mom.” The irony is he still gets annoyed if I knit for anyone else but him.

  34. 34 Erica Montalvo

    Great job again, CAT and eric. The leaping llamas were so beautiful and versatile. I loved seeing the uniqueness of each one. In response to the question about who’s the hardest person for me to knit for, I have to say my husband. Remember that Christmas episode where you were knitting that first handknit for eric? and you’d never knit something for him because you knew that you would just be crushed if he didn’t like it. because you had knit special love and care into every stitch? Well, I feel the same way about my hubby. I’m hesitant to knit something for him because I want him to really love it. But just typing this makes me want to make him something. I think he’ll like it just fine. Plus, it’s cold here in Florida and he is bald. And he did just mention he needs a new scarf… :)

  35. 35 Rhonda

    My daughter. I spend hours making things for her that she just does not appreciate! Maybe I should just make stuff for myself!
    Thanks for your fun videos.

  36. 36 Trudianne

    My husband is nearly impossible to knit for. He doesn’t wear sweaters, doesn’t like “scratchy” wool, is afraid to wear hand knit socks for fear of wearing them out after all that went into making them, and only like earth tone colors.

    I think the underlying problem is he fully respects all the work that goes into hand knits and is terrified of loving them to death. The part he doesn’t understand is that nothing makes a knitter happier than a worn out hand knit gift.

  37. 37 Karen

    Oh I really loved this extras video. You filmed some great moments, especially the leaping llamas. I’ll have to have my sister see the video as she has llamas on her farm. Happy holidays to you and your family. You’ve brought such joy to all of us with your work.

    Knitting for hubby is the hardest as everything I’ve made him sits in a drawer, so I guess I’ll keep trying till he actually wears something cause he likes it.

  38. 38 Denise

    My daughter is the hardest person to knit for. I have knit her items that I thought she would really like only to have her give them back to me as they were not her “style”. At least she gave them back to me I guess instead of having them languishing in her closet! I would pick out 10 different items of all varieties and inevitably all of them did not meet her approval. I have been given the go ahead on one item a shrug that I will be knitting for her. It’s definitely a challenge!

  39. 39 Lisa Smith

    I really haven’t knitted very many items for family members. I would say my daughter is the hardest because she is a knitter and a very good knitter. I have trouble coming up with something she hasn’t already made herself!
    Thanks for the chance to enter

  40. 40 Cindy

    My teenage son is most difficult to knit for because he doesn’t wear what I knit for him. He says he likes it but after I finish it, it sits in his closet. It’s hard to see my hard work just collecting dust.

  41. 41 Davene

    My husband is the hardest person for me to knit for because he puts what I knit for him on the top shelf of his closet. There’s a sweater there that has been there for 25 years. It fit him then, I don’t think it would fit him now.

  42. 42 Susanne B.

    Hey Cat,
    My Husband is the absolute worst person to try an knit for. He has shot down every pattern I have ever shown him. With the exception of 2, a scarf pattern from Lion Brand, and a Hat Pattern from the Holiday knits book. I must thank you for that. I saw your episode where you made the hat and scarf pattern for your friend who does the Wine Podcast and I bought the book. (You can never have too many patterns) But when I showed him that hat it was finally a winner. I made it with a gray contrasting color and the MC was Black. This he actually wears everyday in this cold weather. Scarf not so much. But the hat yes. Thanks!

  43. 43 flyingfingers11

    My mom is the most difficult to knit for because she wants everything she sees, when I give the knitted garments to her, she will not wear them out of the house because they are too precious she says. Mom, gotta love her! I keep knitting for her because I love the expression on her face when she sees her gifts being unwrapped. The joy on her face is worth it all.

  44. 44 Lisa H-L

    My husband is the hardest to knit for. He never wears anything I knit for him, but has instead taken to stealing the things I knit for my son. What’s with that?

    P.S. Loved the leaping LLamas

  45. 45 Betsy

    My daughter because I taught her to knit-now she makes the things she wants for herself.

    **Loved the leaping llama’s, especially the last one who got smart and went under the bar! Brilliant animal.

  46. 46 Rina

    My husband is hard to give a handknit project for because he tends to ask weird design. Last request from him was to have me knit him a life size zergling from starcraft game.

  47. 47 Clare

    My daughter is the hardest to knit for, by the time I make it she no longer thinks it’s in style etc.
    Love the show!!!!

  48. 48 Rachel Rosario

    My husband to be is the hardest to knit for. I always knit with color or crazy looking items. I asked about socks and was told that white was the only color worn. Whoa too conservative. Everything else I asked about the colors picked where dark and bold. Ugh. Hard to see what I am doing.
    Thanks for making the show.


  49. 49 Monique G

    The hardest would have to be my 4lb chihuahua male named Nelix. Have you ever tried to find a pattern that small? Not easy LOL.

  50. 50 Heather N

    I think the hardest person to knit for would be my Dad. He has grown up with his mother knitting for the family and my grandmother taught me to knit. So he will receive the gifts happily… but he has yet to wear the awesome socks I made him. *pout* So I try to figure out what to knit for him that he would use.

    Also, Happy Holidays to you guys as well. I enjoyed all three edits of it. ;D

  51. 51 Debbi

    My dad is impossible to knit for. He doesn’t like wearing hats or scarves, and he’s very particular about everything. I have yet to make him something.

  52. 52 Tallguy

    A lot of people are difficult to knit for. Mainly because they don’t know the difference between anything I could knit for them and commercial machine-made items.

    But my mother is not easy at all. She does appreciate anything I make for her, that is true, but she never gives me any idea of colour, or design, or what she would like. She leaves it all to me: “Anything would be nice” — and of course, determining what to make for her is the hardest thing of all. Once I have chosen an item, the rest is easy enough. I wish I would have been able to give her more things earlier in her life.

  53. 53 Tyler B

    My Grandmother, its hard to get the right type of yarn for her sensitive skin.

  54. 54 chppie

    Most of my family is difficult because they are picky and we live in an area that doesn’t get super-cold. My mother-in-law is the easiest to knit for because she appreciates the thought.

  55. 55 Lizbeth Davern

    Sadly, my husband is the hardest to knit for. He appreciates my knitting, the effort and the love but he is hot in sweaters, only likes a specific brand of socks and already has two hats i knitted him. So he never feels like there’s any knitted item he would want to have. He does wear the hats i’ve made him and he enjoys wearing them.

    My Mom is the easiest too. She loves lace.

  56. 56 elizaduckie

    My oldest daughter — even as a child she was persnickety: Only *dresses* mommy! As an adult she’s still particular and picky about her clothes. Whatever I knit has to be in the perfect color, be the perfect pattern and end up fitting perfectly…and we all know that’s not a given. However she doesn’t have time to look after her clothes perfectly and that ensures it’s own set of problems. So, I knit for her daughter who, at 5 1/2, is by far easier to please! 😀

  57. 57 Kristine

    Definitely my husband! He is very supportive of my knitting, however, he doesn’t wear hats, scarves, or sweaters…ever. Nope…he wears work gloves, not knitted mittens. Socks? Athletic socks only…almost never wears dress shoes. But I’ve got a secret project in the works for next year–an afghan! Yep, my hubby loves sitting under an afghan while watching TV. I’ve been knitting for 3 years…everyone has gotten something from me…except him. Next year for sure!

    PS: Still loving the show. Thank you so much!

  58. 58 Wilma

    It would be my grandson. Tried socks -he thought they were to thick for his shoes and feet! Yet this great little guy loves yarn and the feel -so he enjoys the balls I make -until I use them to knit something up for someone else.

  59. 59 Savannagal

    That’s an easy question. My husband. He won’t wear sweaters of any kind, won’t wear another other hat than his “special” fleece one, won’t wear a scarf, or mittens/gloves other than his ski gloves, and he has zero interest in knitted socks. I was thinking about making golf club covers until I read somewhere that men really don’t want knitted golf club covers. I’ve just given up hope and spend my time making things for others. That makes him happy. Thanks for the contest. Happy holidays!

  60. 60 Jean

    I loved the pumpkin pitching contest! Great podcast! The hardest people to knit for are everyone but myself because it’s harder to try things on other people.

  61. 61 Lisa

    My son is the hardest to knit for because he refuses to wear anything that may be remotely warm. Although he must have gotten cold this hunting season because he requested one of those neck things (cowl) for next year……teenagers!

  62. 62 jacob

    hardest? all of my family members are picky i would have to say mom is hardest. i had to remake her shawl 3 times for it to be just right

  63. 63 CAT

    Thank you all for sharing who’s difficult to knit for in your life. The winner of the contest is Lisa Smith!

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