lk2g-091 Jonelle Raffino from SWTC

In this latest episode of our knitting web video series/podcast we chat with Jonelle Raffino from South West Trading Company about how she got started with SWTC and what kinds of yarns have recently come out.

Book Review:

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Special thanks to Jonelle Raffino.

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81 Responses to “lk2g-091 Jonelle Raffino from SWTC”

  1. 1 Beth Barron

    my favorite pattern is the one I have yet to try. Is that why I have so many sock books guess so!

  2. 2 Dawn Adams

    Hi Cat and Eric,
    I love your show!!!
    I like to knit toe up patterns.


  3. 3 Debbi Overweg

    My favorite sock pattern is called Simply Elegant. I love knitting socks both cuff-down and toe-up. Looks like a great book!

  4. 4 Monique Groom

    My favourite sock pattern is whatever happens to be my current sock I’m working on. With all the patterns on Ravelry, I rarely duplicate my socks.

    Thanks for the great interviews!!

  5. 5 Melinda

    Ooooh pretty book! I only knit toe-up, it just makes so much sense!!! My favourite sock pattern is any that include some cabling and/or lace – but right now, I’ve got my eye on “Skew”, so that’s next in my queue.

  6. 6 DeborahKaye

    I loved your podcast with Southwest Trading Company! Thanks for a great show.

  7. 7 River Cameron

    I’m a brand new knitter, and I’ve only finished two things so far, a blanket for my son’s teddy bear and a tiny scarf for a tiny Quidditch player (I’m in HPKCHC). So, the answer is that socks look REALLY scary! I hope to be there one day though :-)

    I found your show this weekend and have now seen every episode. It’s a great show and you should both be very proud of what you’ve produced!

  8. 8 Daisy Neuroth

    I just discovered your podcast on itunes! love it! I am still scared of socks but I need to get over it because my husband has been begging me to make him a pair. An easy to read book would really help with that! :)

  9. 9 Jana Pratt

    I love all of Nancy Bush’s sock patterns!

  10. 10 Jasmine

    I don’t have a favorite sock pattern… yet. I’m still learning how to knit various types of stitches. Being the type of person who doesn’t like wearing slippers, fun socks are my favorite alternative. Socks are definitely on my list for this year’s must-do projects.

  11. 11 Roberta

    My favorite pattern to date is the basic sock pattern. My first pair were from Lion brand sock yarn and the pattern from the “Knit It” magazine. (I think Better Homes and Gardens produces that magazine). My last sock was has circle patterns on the leg – I purchased the pattern at Stitches East. Great pattern, but took longer to knit than basic.

    Great episode. I am eager to try some of SWTC’s new yarns.

  12. 12 Denise Williams

    I’ve only knit a pair of yoga socks so far. I am getting ready to start an actual pair of socks from a Patons free sock pattern. Pretty basic, cuff down. But I would love to knit more of them.

  13. 13 Suzette Keyser

    Comment on lk2g-091 Jonelle Raffino
    I have never knit a pair of socks but i am looking forward to doing that. All of my knitting has been in the area of sweathers and scarfs but I think socks would be a great adventure.

  14. 14 Michelle Gross

    The best sock pattern I have used is Cat Bordhi’s Upstream Master Pattern. Every sock I have made from this pattern has fit the recipient to a tee. It is my go to pattern!

  15. 15 Susanne B.

    Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!
    I do not have a favorite, Why oh why do I have to pick just one?????
    I am a complete and total basket case pattern junkie can not get enough.
    I think there is a support group for people like me, but who wants to attend those. They may make me give up my patterns.

  16. 16 Audrey M

    The classic sock pattern is my favorite.You can go from traditional to funky just by changing from wool yarns to the hip colors of the magic stripe yarns. It gives a totally new look while using the same basic pattern. IT’S A GREAT WAY TO ROCK YOUR SOCKS!
    Thanks for keeping me inspired!

  17. 17 Lisa G

    My favorite sock pattern is taking combination of different elements from other peoples sock patterns and making a pair tailored exactly to my foot. I have knit 3 pairs of Cookie A’s Monkey Sock so I would guess that would be my most favorite all around design/pattern.

  18. 18 marina

    i like vanilla socks so i can really show off the pretty yarns i’m using!

  19. 19 Jean

    I don’t think I could choose only one favorite pattern. I’m addicted to making socks. There are so many I love, many that I’ve made and many that’s on my list to make. Thanks for doing the drawing for the Socks A La Carte book.

  20. 20 Rachel Ringdahl

    I’m still venturing into the world of knitting socks. At the moment, I’m knitting Melissa Morgan-Oakes’ Ballet Sock and absolutely loving it! It’s perfect with a solid color yarn to really show off the beautiful cable pattern.

  21. 21 Emily

    My favorite pattern for socks is a simple vanilla sock. It lets the magic of handpainted yarn shine through. However I would like to learn how to knit an afterthought heel.

  22. 22 Barbara

    I’ve been a sock knitter for a while – always a great project to have when traveling, something I do a lot of. My favorite pattern for socks is Cookie A’s Monkey Sock. It is easily memorized for traveling and has a lot of stretch when taking socks on and off. I’ve done several of them already – something that is unusual for me since I usually don’t like to repeat myself.

  23. 23 Christy

    My favorite is just a basic two up two at a time like “Two at Once, Toe-Up Magic Loop Socks” on ravelry. Love the idea of the flip pages in the new book.

  24. 24 Mioshee Greer

    I’m not even sure I could pick a favorite sock pattern!! I love both toe-up and cuff-down; doesnt matter to me. I guess my favorite pair would be the Monkey socks by Cookie A, I’ve knit that pattern 3 times now.

  25. 25 jacob

    i like the pattern in the hands on spinning book by lee raven.

  26. 26 Laura

    Whenever I knit socks (Which is not often) I always free hand them. So I guess I don’t really have a favorite. I think Cusp by Cookie A. is pretty though.

  27. 27 Debbie Wigen

    I haven’t found a favorite sock pattern yet, keep trying though. I enjoy sock knitting and with so many patterns to try…….thanks for the opportunity to have more with this book!

  28. 28 Megan Larsen

    My favorite sock pattern is the Ann Norling Adult Sock Pattern. I have probably made at least a dozen pairs. I love to read sock patterns, especially lace ones but usually knit very plain durable socks!

  29. 29 CAT

    The winner of the book is: Marina!
    thank you all for sharing your favorite socks!

  30. 30 Pooch

    Love Jonelle’s sweater! I’m wondering if you could provide info on the pattern and yarn.


  31. 31 shanabrown971

    i see your video in Joelle Raffino for the sublissime yarn

    I woud’like to knit her yarn for to make a pair of sock my best friend

    And who to buy the book of sock in France is difficult to find the beautiful books !!!!!

    Ok , i to prepare my travel for the usa oh!!!! dream !!!!

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