lk2g-097 Susan Moraca from Kollage

In this latest episode of our knitting web video series/podcast we chat with Susan Moraca from Kollage Yarns. She tells us about square straight and circular needles, rosewood crochet hooks and beautiful yarns.

What’s on the set:

What am I wearing:

Special thanks to Susan Moraca.

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104 Responses to “lk2g-097 Susan Moraca from Kollage”

  1. 1 Louise

    My favorite things o knit in the summer are the same as for the winter: just about everything. With maybe shawls winning the top spot!

  2. 2 Deb C

    Love to knit lighter shawls or shawlettes during the summer. Had never heard of the Kollage needles, intrigued. Thanks for all you do, Cat and Eric!

  3. 3 Lee Bernstein

    My favorite summer knitting is . . . winter knitting! It’s fun to have warm clothes ready when the weather turns cold.

  4. 4 Juliann aka The Sick Chick

    My favourite summer project is dishcloths. Portable, light and can be mindless or complicated, they’re perfect for the busy seasons, plus I can get ahead on Christmas gifts!

    I’m going to hunt down those Kollage circulars right now :)

  5. 5 Elsi

    I love to knit socks.
    I am on re-enactment events most weekends in summer and socks you can just take everywhere with you, so the perfect project to knit in the car :)

  6. 6 Gail Bable

    I love the shawl you were wearing during Susan’s interview. Could you please show more of it?

  7. 7 Marc Marquis

    Hi! I’m Marc

    In summer time i really like to knit socks because they are so easy to carry everywere!

    And it’s so nice to knit sittin’ on a bench while watchi’n the landscape :)

  8. 8 Disa

    I like knitting mittens, gloves and socks in the summertime to prepare for the coming winter.

  9. 9 Savannagal

    I’m really itching to try those Kollage needles now. I’ve heard so many good things about them. As for my summer knitting, it’s pretty much the same as any other time of year. I knit pretty slow and usually only have 2 or 3 projects going at a time. I tend to work on them until I finish them before starting something new. I always have a sock going though. Thanks for the contest. The yarn looks yummy.

  10. 10 Monique G

    The best summer knitting project is SOCKS of course. On a recent vacation that’s all I brought and all I bought…..what would a vacation be without souvenir yarn?

    Now I’m dying to try the Kollage circs for my next sock project – thanks for enabling!

  11. 11 Tina

    I will knit anything during the summer, but usually keep it simple with socks or bags!!

  12. 12 MariGayle

    I love knitting socks! (I love knitting them in the winter too!)

  13. 13 Rebecca

    Thank you for another great podcast! My favorite summer knitting isn’t any different than winter knitting….I knit sweaters, blankets, mittens, etc in anticapation of cooler weather.

  14. 14 Jenn B.

    Another great episode…I am tempted to try out some of the square needles!

    My favorite projects to knit on during the summer are socks and shawls. I also don’t mind working on sweaters as long as it is cool enough in the house :)

  15. 15 Ashanti C.

    Another great show, I’m really looking forward to the next one.
    I like to knit cotton tank tops and tees in the summer stuff with alot of meshed beading.

  16. 16 Lisa G

    I love to knit small projects in the summer. Socks are always with me!

  17. 17 Jane Z

    My favorite project to knit this summer is baby sweaters. We found out our son and daughter in law are expecting identical twins in December after 5 years of trying. We are over the moon happy! When I hear a baby is on the way I knit. So I will be working on little sweaters this summer. Fun!

  18. 18 Kara Hoover

    I like to knit socks in the summer. Actually I like to knit them all year round but they are a perfect small project for summer.

    ps: I love the bloopers at the end of your shows.

  19. 19 Angela

    I always end up knitting scarves in the summer.

  20. 20 Aldona

    Hi Cat!

    Thanks for amazing video! You both with Eric are perfect Team making so interesting videos! When I have time I watch the archives again and again:-)

    My favorite knitting for summer now is fine silk blouse.I hope to manage finish it for this summer. And normally my summer knits are something for summer- tops,blouses or lacy socks.

  21. 21 Megsy

    I usually knit a new bag during the long summer months of watching the kids play softball, T-ball, and swimming lessons. If things go well, I have a new bag by the time school starts!

  22. 22 Abraham H.

    Sup Cat =)
    I live in Mexico so it’s safe to say that during the summer its pretty warm… yet Im in med school soo i have two months of vacation time… so what do I do?… I start my winter knitting =)
    My home is air conditioned so there no problem… I knit hats and scarves and right now im working on a pashmina xD

  23. 23 Sophia

    Oh my gosh, Kollage is my favorite yarn company! I love their yarns.

    Hmm, I have to say just simply knitting socks or stuffed animals. I just recently knitted a manatee for summer.

  24. 24 Liz

    I enjoy lace. A shawl or a scarf. Also because they are small project – I golf in the summer and don’t have as much time.

  25. 25 Phyllis

    I enjoy knitting small light projects like socks, hats, mittens, etc. Lately I’ve knit a couple of covers for Kindles and given them as gifts. They have been quite a hit.

  26. 26 Ashley

    The first thing that comes to mind is Lace Shawls. They’re so lightweight, so it doesn’t seem to be so warm on my lap! But truthfully, I start to pick out my christmas gifts and start working on them now (while I still have time!). :)

  27. 27 sm santiago

    I like shawlette or socks for summer kniting. Can;t handle any baby blankets when it’s hot & humid. Love the sweater you’re wearing.

  28. 28 Christy

    My favorite summer knitting projects are complicated winter sweaters! I always seem to have piles of hot wool on my lap while enjoying the Vermont summer sun….

  29. 29 dori wallace

    Socks and clogs for felting.

  30. 30 Carolyn

    Hi Cat,

    My favorite summertime projects are socks and shawls.

  31. 31 Annette

    My favorite summer project are shawls. Right now I’m knitting the Solar Flare Shawl KAL at Into the Whirled Raverly group, I love this pattern.
    Love your podcast.

  32. 32 Gayle

    The interview with Ms. Moraca was one of the BEST! How fun it was to listen to her. I have fallen in love with the Kollage square circular needles and their amazing cables.

    In the summer I usually knit a lot of dishcloths with bright cottons. I also like socks; a small project that sits lightly on my lap. I, too, have been enjoying the shawlettes and scarflets as lightweight summer projects.

    The podcast just keeps getting better and better. Keep it up!

  33. 33 DeborahKaye

    It’s summer and I am knitting Victorian lace shawls with beads for fall! Love your podcast! Thanks.

  34. 34 Jan K

    Great Podcast. In the summer I enjoy knitting socks,hat’s and anything with cotton yarn. Thanks
    Jan Ko

  35. 35 Susanne B.

    I actually try to knit what I want “ready” in the winter. I feel it is the only way to get it done in time is to start it in the summer. But I always knit in climate control so the “weight” of it doesn’t bother me so much.
    Thanks for the show!!! Keep it up! Still love it!

  36. 36 Susan

    In summer (and all year round, actually!) I tend to knit socks – small, light, portable, and travel well. I’m a DPN girl and I love the Kollage Square DPN’s, they have just the right amount of grip to stop them sliding out of the stitches, without being too sticky. One of these days I will get round to trying magic loop socks on the Kollage circs!

  37. 37 Jackie

    Summer knitting for me is still sweaters.

  38. 38 ErinH

    I love to knit shawls in the summer, big but light… and always have a travelling sock on the go whatever the time of year.
    My next challenge is a beaded shawl !

    Love videocast :-)

  39. 39 Lara

    I like to knit socks, hats, and shawls in the summer– small projects that don’t sit in my lap.

  40. 40 ANN MITTON

    I love to knit socks and shawlettes in summer. Hats and mitten for my grandchildren for Christmas and dishcloths to give a gifts as well. I love things that are portable so we can go for day trips and I can knit and enjoy the scenery.

  41. 41 Iryna B.

    Thank you, Kate. Great interview with Susan! She is so lovely. Never tried her square needles, but very curious! Summer project – definitely a Summer Shawl with silk blend or pair of lacy socks (I am always cold!).
    ~ Iryna

  42. 42 Dianne RJ

    In the summer I like to knit small things, lace shawls, hats, mittens and baby knits!

  43. 43 Christine

    I find myself knitting a lot of hats for some reason in the summer.

  44. 44 Catenary

    Hi Cat,

    I’m Catenary on Ravelry. My favorite thing to knit in the summer is a lightweight shawl.

  45. 45 Rhonda

    I just love your interviews and learn some new thing each time. This summer I have started two sweaters- they are small enough yet to go along camping and sitting outside. Can’t wait for fall to have new sweaters to wear.
    I have seen the square needles but have not tried them- now I might have to!

  46. 46 JudyAnn

    My favorite things to knit this summer are sock-yarn shawlettes—and I’d love that yarn!

  47. 47 Nina

    Hi Cat!

    My summer knitting usually consists of finishing up UFO’s. I get short spurts of time which is perfect for weaving in ends and seaming or adding fringe. Even blocking. :)

  48. 48 Susan B.

    My favorite summer project is anything small: socks, hats, mittens. They don’t make me warm, like a larger project sitting in my lap would, and they are easier to carry with me on trips, vacations, or just spare moments around town.

  49. 49 Rosemarie Z

    I recently re-started knitting (after years of being too busy) and I knit almost nonstop. Since I live in the South it’s warm most of the year. So I love knitting cotton short sleeve tops. As soon as I finish one I start another.

  50. 50 CAT

    Thank you all for your great ideas for summer knitting.

    The winner of the beautiful Kollage yarn is: Linda D.!

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