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I Started Knitting Again on 9/11

CAT’s very personal story of what happened to her on 9/11 was originally posted four years ago at the end of episode fifteen Twisted Stitches.  We decided to re-edit the piece and upload it on its own in honor of the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attack.

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World Trade Center photos (cc) Robert J. Fisch, Michael Foran, Matt Morgan, Chomer Zhao

lk2g-076 Ysolda Teague interview

In this latest episode of our video series we chat with with the fabulous young Scottish designer Ysolda Teague. She tells us how she got started in designing knitting patterns and shows us some current and future designs.

For all designs shown during this episodes be sure to check out Ysolda’s pattern page or her Ravelry Page.

What I am wearing:

  • During the interview: Ishbel shawlette by Ysolda knitted with Tili Thomas Beaded Plie American Beauty
  • In the chair: Lacy Baktus in Blue Heron Rayon Metallic

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lk2g-015 Twisted Stitches

In this episode of our Video Podcast, we cover Cable knitting techniques both with and without a cable needle

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Our Book Review:

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9/11 Photos from Jonathan Corum, Steve McCurry, and *Hiro

… also thanks to Paolo Ciccone. We shot this episode using his TrueColor Version 3.0 camera settings.

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