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lk2g-072 Rhinebeck 2009 Garment Competition

In this latest episode of our web video series we return to the 2009 New York State Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck.  In this episode we review the garment competition winners.

You’ll see beautiful knitted socks, shawls and sweaters, woven items, felted items and even braided rugs.

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lk2g-056 Entrelac

In this latest episode of our video podcast, we demonstrate how to do entrelac, a modular knitting technique.
Follow along with CAT as she demonstrates knitting entrelac with the Garterlac Dishcloth from Criminy Jickets.

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  • Shaped Triangle Shawl designed by Two Old Bags made with Cashmere/merino laceweight (discontinued) completed 2002 from the book A Gathering of Lace

Special Thanks to Dave of Criminy Jickets for the use of his Garterlac Pattern in this episode.

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lk2g-054 Knitting Flowers

In this latest episode of our video podcast, we demonstrate techniques for knitting flowers. From roses to lilies, flowers are a great project to knit and use of very little yarn so they can be a great stash buster!

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  • Top down cardigan (my own design based on SpinCraft pattern) completed June 2007 knit from hand spun yarn spun from Miss Lime’s Springtime fiber from episode 12


using Size 7 needles and GGH Soft Kid Mohair (just bits of yarn are fine)
Cast on 88 stitches and work stockinette stitch for 4 rows, ending with a purl row.
On the next row, knit  8, rotate the left needle all the way around counter clockwise, then knit 8 and rotate again
repeat this until the end.
Purl the next row
Then knit 2 together across the entire next row.  You should end up with 44 stitches.
Next, Purl 2 together across the entire next row. You should end up with 22 stitches
Next Knit 2 together across the entire row.  You should end up with 11 stitches.
Clip the yarn around 8 inches and with a tapestry needle, thread it through the 11 stitches.
This creates the base of the flower and closes the petals around the base.
Weave in the ends

Icord Daisy
Use a sport weight or fingering yarn and create a 4 stitch icord about 30 inches. Weave in all the ends
Holding a threaded tapestry needle, fold the cords to create 1” loops and stitch with thread through the middle.
Add a button or bead for the center

Using size 10 double pointed needles, take green worsted weight WOOL yarn cast on four stitches and make a 12 inch icord. Then add 2 inches of yellow or gold icord and tie off the ends.
Now pick up and knit 5 stitches at the last row of green stitches using white or off white wool yarn.  Stockinette stitch back and forth increasing one stitch each side of every row until the piece has 21 stitches.
Then stockinette stitch without increasing for 2 inches.
Next begin decreasing one stitch on each side every other row until there are 13 stitches.
Finally decrease each side on every row until 2 stitches remain. Bind off these 2 stitches and weave in all the ends.
Now throw it in the wash and Felt it.
To dry, hang it upside down and pull on the flower to open up the lily.  Come back a couple of times and reshape until it’s completely dry
Cut a wire hanger to the correct size and carefully thread it into the stem and stame

lk2g-050 Bloopers

To celebrate our 50th episode we’ve gone back into the archive and put together this special episode of Bloopers for you.


lk2g-032 The One With All the Hats!

In this episode of our video podcast, CAT talks about her recent adventures in making hats!  Including a hat made for Michael W Geoghagen (Grape Radio and Disneyland Podcast) and Leo Laporte (TWIT, TWITLive). Plus some felting!

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Our presentations from New Media Expo

Next Live show is September 27th at 6:30pm see the LIVE tab for more details

lk2g-024 CATs Corner

All new flash viewer for multi-platform support!This is a new type of episode for us, more of a vlog really. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.
In this episode we talk about a field trip to see Linda Cortright editor of WildFibers Magazine. We also met with Guido from ItsAPurlman podcast live. You’ll also see CATs latest project.

What I am wearing:

Keep up to date with what CAT is working on her blog or twitter

lk2g-022 Rhinebeck 2007 Chapter One

Our next installment of our epic at the 2007 NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. In this episode of our video podcast you will see:

  • A Felting demonstration
  • The Angora Goat Show
  • Canine Frisbee

Plus, we stopped by the Blogger / Ravelry meetup and spoke with:
Cathleen Jackson, Shannon and Stephanie from SSK Podcast, Karen from FootHills Folly, GlennaC from Knitting to Stay Sane, Sahara from Sistahcraft, Jeri from Jerri Rigged, Monica Tate from CallingKahlo, Carolyn from See Kay Crafts, Heather Sparks from SparkCrafted, Coleen from SubwayKnitter and Lise from KnittingRose

What I am wearing:
Clapotis made with Noro Silk Garden in color #211 (Yes I finished it!)

Music in this episode:
Marriott Jazz Quintet – On the Sixth Day

lk2g-008 Felting aka The Science Experiment, Pt. 2

Join us as we continue the experiment of felting the bag from our previous episode.

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  • See episode 7 for details of what’s on the set and what I am wearing

You can now join our Yahoo Group on the right side of this page to chat about knitting and to be notified of when new episodes are available.

We’re thinking about adding a new “Show and Tell” segment. If you’ve knitting something using ideas from our show, email us a picture of yourself with your knitting. We’ll put the pictures together and show them in future episodes. Email them to CAT at Letsknit2gether.com

lk2g-007 Felting aka The Science Experiment, Pt. 1

Felting is the processes of purposely destroying your knitting. Its like a science experiment. Watch our experiment as we felt a bag.

In the episode, we take you through what felting is and the steps of how to prepare for the felting process.

See these sites for further information on: Felting by hand, and felting in a front loading washing machine.

Come back for part 2 to find out how to finish what we started in this episode.

What’s on the set:

What I am wearing:

  • A T-Shirt knit with a DK weight Indian Cotton yarn. The pattern is from a Fashion Knitting magazine from mid 1990s. I have no idea anymore which one.