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lk2g-036 Gifts for Gary Vaynerchuk

In this latest episode of our video podcast, CAT visits the set of WineLibrary TV and meets with Gary Vaynerchuk host of Wine Library TV and author of Gary Vaynerchuk’s 101 Wines: Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World

Follow along with CAT as she talks about the projects which she made for Gary.

See the WineLibrary TV episode with CAT in its entirety.

What am I’m wearing:
Mystic Light Shawl by Knit n Knag knitted with Alchemy Bamboo (color discontinued)

What’s on the set:
Holiday Knits: 25 Great Gifts from Stockings to Sweaters made with Valley Yarns Northampton in Pine and White

Woven labels from Heirloom Woven Labels

Also check out the pictures, behind the scenes videos of WIneLibrary TV and an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk

There is a thread on Ravelry about ChipIn campaign for the new editing system

Special thanks to: Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Mott and Matt Sitomer