We’ve been cited in the media a few times –

“Eric and CAT Susch have produced a video podcast, “LetsKnit2gether.” The shows are simple. CAT sits in a chair and shows techniques for knitting, projects she’s completed, or takes viewers on a tour of knitters’ shows. There are production elements like dissolves and graphics, and the segments do not look like home movies.”
“most (podcasters) are actually more interested in developing content for a niche group and building a fiercely loyal audience by creating content for them not readily available anywhere else. A perfect example is LetsKnit2gether.com, an online video podcast for knitters with production values equivalent to any well-made documentary you might find on public television or the Discovery Channel®.”
Creative Cow Magazine (Issue 4 page 22 on MicroCasting
“The power of narrow-or microcasting is that if you love it, chances are that there are many others who love the same thing.”
Rocketboom October 9th 2006 episode
” a nice niche to see”
Vlog Soup October 5th 2007
Steve Garfield interviewed Eric and CAT while at Podcast and New Media Expo

You can also read more about us and the presentation we are giving at Podcast and New Media Expo , The Passion and Pain of Producing a How To Video Podcast